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(It's not what you think,
so don't give it a twist.
Give it a jab,
and i will slash your wrist..... just kidding 🎶 LOL)

a day without this would be sad,
members are laughing somehow glad.
waiting someone to have an err,
message popping out of thin air.

we have our share and it's so funny,
to be on the spot and be a mockery.
yes catching others are more exciting,
than be on the spot which is embarassing.

a private room is sure as handy,
but whisps are cool and more than dandy.
stay in the main and whisp if you dare,
we'll wait until your message are bare.

yup remove that as fast as you can,
before someone sees your stupid plan
just act natural when you are caught,
maybe your lame excuse someone had bought...

Top 5 Places to Have Sex

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Top 5 Places to Have SexHaving sex is not restricted on bed alone. Of course, you’ll have sex with someone you really love—your partner. However, since it will always be the both of you, it will be the responsibility of the both to maintain the excitement in this part of your relationship for this can make it stronger.

Being one also lessens the possibility of being attracted to other opposite sex in the duration of the relationship or committing infidelity. One of the factors that can give excitement in your sex life with your wife is to have it in a variety of places.

Here are some places where you can actually have it.

  1. You can surprise your partner while she is having her bath. Or what you can do is to call your wife to ask for towel pretending you have left it and surprise her this way. Or you can invite her to take a bath with you. Or bathe each other. There are so many things that you can explore in here, whatever you thing that will be pleasing for the both of you.
  2. For sure, your wife is spending a weekend cooking in the kitchen. It will be very sweet for you to hug her or kiss her even she is soaked of sweat. This is a very sweet act of a man to her woman. You can even volunteer for help and tease her while helping her.
  3. In the living room while watching television or DVD. You can ask her questions out of nowhere and wait for the right time to be sweet to your woman. You can start by tickling her on the waist or knee.
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