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Submitted by on June 9, 2017 (9 months ago)
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NOW Look up. Gaze at the rising sun And watch the coming of a brand-new one. A brand-new one to be called THE NOW ` Don’t think otherwise. Here is THE HOW: Walk ahead and feel very free. To greet ev’ryone , it would be easy With a sweet smile and a warm Hello And become a whole-day Jolly Good Fellow. Yes, this is the NOW, can’t you hear the Sound? The signal to be Joyous, so spread it around. The Peace on Earth believe shall abound. And Peace within Yourself shall then be found…...

Little Monster

Submitted by on June 8, 2017 (9 months ago)
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You pick me as a beloved friend,
Sadly all came to a bitter end,
Before you used to melt my heart,
Till you decided to tear it apart.

I accepted you as you are,
But my intentions went too far,
A little monster was created,
Was it me that you hated?

You, my little monster that I used to love,
Your brown eyes which brought me hope,
Your kindness from the very beginning,
Couldn't stop me from sinning.

I may admit my mistakes,
I felt them like tremendous aches,
But let me tell you at the end:
To hurt you was never what I intend....

The First of Fifty First Dates

Submitted by on June 1, 2017 (9 months ago)
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I promise to make,
our first of many dates
as the foundation to be,
for the future together we'll build.

like sandler for drew's sake,
each day is their very first date.
finding new ways for barrymoore to see
and feel how adam's heart is filled.

To make you fall each day.
and smile sweetly every time,
a new i love you at day's end,
and a first kiss to bind us as one.

even if we lose our way,
at some point in time.
each date together we spend,
would be our very first one....

Ode to My Wife

Submitted by on May 20, 2017 (10 months ago)
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Be not afraid.
I am the one who will shield,
all the pain and sorrow
that comes our way.

Deep waters we will wade,
High noon sun and burning fields,
whatever comes tomorrow,
I am here to stay.

I will keep you,
come hell or high water,
for whatever trouble comes,
i love you, for keeps, for always.

Hold tight, i say to you.
for all will be better.
In my arms, in our home,
with each other, 'til the end of days.

Ode to My Wife....

What Lies Inside

Submitted by on May 16, 2017 (10 months ago)
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I'm okay
I'm fine
It's alright
It'll be better

Those are the words
Those are the lies
Those are the feelings
That's haunting me for a while

Feelings that I have to show
Hiding the real truth behind
So that no one will know
Because no one will take my hand

I smile thinking it will change
But it's still the same
I just cry inside
So that I can hide the pain

Every time I heard what people say
I always try not to cry
What I felt inside me
Is crushing me down

It's slowly breaking me apart
Now I don't know where to start
Don't know on what to think
Don't know on how to fix this

Maybe I'll just keep on lying
Yes! I am a liar and will always be
Don't be a hypocrite
For all of us here are liars

Just kidding
I'm just the only one who's lying here
Just saying
Making myself clear...

Seduction to addiction

Submitted by on May 15, 2017 (10 months ago)
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Like a virgin when we met
Only had the same man in bed
Your sex life was routine
Maybe even borderline boring

I came like a thief in the night
Caught you off guard 
My words just kept flowing
Able to lower your defenses down.

You were curious and eager
Never knew that sex could be better
Like a pill you took me whole
Thought once was enough but you wanted more

Addicted maybe
But who can control the cravings of our body.
Our bodies in sync
We move in perfect rhythm.
So wrong but yet so right
And now you're losing the fight.

How long can we keep it a secret
When each passing night we make it a habit...
We know we gotta let go
Because in every aspect this is wrong.
Took a bite from the forbidden fruit
Now were hooked and can't get enough of it......


Submitted by on May 14, 2017 (10 months ago)
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Ako ay medyo tinatamad
Sapagkat ang kausap
Ay hindi ko ka-jive
Pakipot sa chat
Slow siya ng slight
At ang boses, kakainis
Parang latang pinagki-kiskis

Kinausap pa din naman
Baka masabihan na suplado
Hanggang ang usap namin
Napunta sa "Magkita kaya tayo?!"
Napailing nalang ng ulo
Kahit ayaw, umoo na lang ako
Siya kasi ang tipong, pamatay libido

Subalit ako ay nagulat talaga
Noong sa EB siya ay makita
Wow sa wankata!
Hitsura'y Marian Rivera
Long-legged ang bruha
Mala-anghel pa ang ngiti niya
Mahihiling mo na sana'y maikama

Mata ko ay lumuwa
Puso ko ay natuwa
Tila kargada ko ay tumigas ata
Kamay ko'y napahimas sa bandang ibaba
Sa isip-isip ko, pambihira...
Muntik ng malugi, namputsa! 
Nang dahil sa maling akala

Patulan kaya ako, Bes?...

High and die

Submitted by on May 11, 2017 (10 months ago)
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As if it was nothing
Though lips gently parting
With a controlled breathing
Yet the whole still pokering

Staring bluntly
Onlookers uneasy with curiousity
As tension mounts quickly
Gunshot echoed loudly

It seems eternity
Since protesting to its body
While falling to the ground
Ironically it departs sadly

Still sedated heavily
And not grasping reality
Within its last breath
Caught a teardrop in stealth

Now into the exit
Its been too late
Knowing it's not worth it
Though your high
And yet you'll die...

Hey Miss

Submitted by on May 10, 2017 (10 months ago)
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i miss,
our long conversations.
i miss,
your sighs and sights.
i miss,
us in playful banter and laughter.
i miss,
our planning for tomorrow.

i am missing,
our language in discussions.
i am missing,
the time spent til morning light.
i am missing,
asra and vito, the beach the sunrise after.
i am missing,
us being in time just borrowed.

i have missed,
droning pain of our situation.
i have missed,
reasons why loving you is so right.
i have missed,
you, my twins and my daughter.
i have missed,
loving you, with such sweet sorrow.

hey miss,
i miss, am missing and have missed you....

Sneaky Pleasure

Submitted by on May 9, 2017 (10 months ago)
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I’m just one of those women you’ve met.
Had talk and get to date
Never imagine myself getting laid
Of a stranger this great

I know it’s cheating
I need to stop coz it’s disturbing
And this will never have
A beautiful ending

I tried really hard not to kiss
Stay away from this
Being near you means danger
Not only for me but for my ever after.

Moans, groans and those sweaty peak
As we laid in this bed and feel this silky sheet
Mind-blowing sex
And after glow is what I get

It’s hard to move and forget
When you’re starting to get addicted
Choosing between you and him
I know who I’ll pick
But then one question always beep
Will I get the satisfaction I need??

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