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Balintataw ng Alaala

Submitted by on January 2, 2018 (2 months ago)
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Balintataw ng Alaala

Akala noong una, ay bibigay ka na
Salamat na lamang at nanghawak
Sa pangakong pagsinta
Habang nabubuhay, iibigin ka

Di ko akalain, ika'y manghahawak
Sa kabila ng pagsubok, ika'y di natinag
Bagkus lalo pang nagliyab
Damdamin mo aking liyag

Dalawang taong singkad ang sa ati'y daratal
Nawa ang dalangin, lalo pang magtumibay
Pagmamahal sa isa't isa lalo pang magsikhay
Hanggang araw ay sumapit, tayo'y di na magwalay

Salamat sa pagmamahal ang aking sambit
Salamat sa tiwala kahit na maliit
Salamat sa oras di mo pinagkakait
Salamat sa pag ibig, sukod hanggang langit


A Birthday Poem

Submitted by on December 27, 2017 (2 months ago)
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Disyembre a bente nuwebe, nang ika'y isilang
Prinsesang turing nga iyong mga magulang
Pagkat ang kariktan, sadyang tangi sayo lamang
Oh aking reyna, niyaring aking buhay

Ngayon nga'y sasapit, ang iyong kaarawan
Pangakong sugnayan akin ngang gagampanan
Nang sa ganu'y mabasa, puso ay mahandugan
Nang mumunting ligaya, sa buhay ko ay ilaw

Sa iyong kaarawan akin ngang handog
Ang walang kaparis at papaimbulog
Na pagmamahal, alay ko at dasal
Na sa iyong pagdatal, ikaw ay maka ulayaw...

Nawa'y mapuno ng ibayong ligaya
Ang busilak mong puso, pinuno ng dusa
Nang unang lalaking, nanumpa sa dambana
Na paliligayahin ka at dili magdurusa

Noong una'y totoo, sa kanyang pangako
Ngunit ng lumaon, sya ngang napako
Lahat ng kanyang sinabi, tila ba ipinako
Iginuhit sa tubig, sa ulap nangako

Damdamin ay sinaktan, ikaw ay nagtiis
Para sa mga punla, sayo nga naibinhi
Mag isang tinataguyod, kahit na maduhagi
Sa laban ng buhay, patuloy kang babawi

Di ko sukat akalain ikaw ay makilala
Sa mga panahong ako ay nagdurusa
Hatid mo ay liwanag, sa buhay kong madilim
Puno ng kaguluhan, maging ng panimdiman

Nais kong ipaabot ang aking pagbati
Nang buong pagmamahal at sa yong pagpupunyagi
Walang ibang dalangin, na ikaw ay makapiling
At habang may buhay, sabay nating haharapin......

A Lover's Note

Submitted by on December 23, 2017 (2 months ago)
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I'm leaving my baggage from my last trip
For I don't want this new love to be short trip
I'm not asking you dear to do the same
But you have my assurance that I'll wait for that to happen.

Don't worry, i won't get tired waiting
You have my words, hope it’s worth keeping
And if that day comes, I'll give my all
Take away my breath and strength till the sun fall.

You and me cuddling under sheet,
My body next to yours, feeling your heat,
Wrap in your arms and kissing me goodnight,
That's how i want to end our day soon as we turn off the light.

Always treat me like the beginning
And who knows i might give you no ending,
I'll make you happy and make your pain be gone,
There's nothing i won't do just don't let go of my hand....


Submitted by on December 18, 2017 (3 months ago)
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Good sir, pray tell
What is it about her
That makes your flame swell
Is it her courtly locks of hair
That dances to your rhythm of despair
Her skin of porcelain and dusk
That furnishes you with warmth whenever you ask
Her playful and passion-speckled lips
That trembles against your finger tips
Or is it her beckoning eyes
That turns your words to lullabies

But she is of the earth and the sea
Her youth will betray her and flee
Her petals will wither
And the taste of her leaves will turn bitter
Her pages will wrinkle
And her bind will grow brittle
Time will tarnish her demeanor
Until all that’s left in the mirror
Are her grains and bare disposition
Her beliefs and comprehension

What happens when her honey becomes bland
Will her hymns of wit still enchant your mind?
When the years finally take its toll
Will her words be able to kindle your soul?
And when the beauty departs,
Will her mind be enough
To satiate the hunger in your heart?

Good sir, pray tell
What is it about her
That makes your flame swell
If it is just the flesh you are craving
And nothing more beyond her bearing
You will lose her like a sunken ship
No matter how hard you tighten your grip
So surrender her before you shatter her monument
For she deserves more than just cheap sentiment...


Submitted by on December 13, 2017 (3 months ago)
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Isang gabi noon buwan ay maliwanag
Mayroong magkasuyong nakituloy sa aking pugad
Sila raw ay bagong tanan at naligaw sa paglakad
Nakita ang aking kubo kaya doon ay napadpad.

Pagka’t ako’y Pilipino maralita ma’y maginoo
Walang tutol kong sinabing kaibigan tuloy kayo
Kayo na lang ang bahala sa aba kong munting kubo
Na kahit na nagdaralita namamahay naman ay tao.

Sila’y aking pinakain, pinatulog, pinagpala
At sa aking munting silid sila’y aking pinahiga
Kaysarap ng pakiramdam ng tumulong sa kapwa
Para ka nang nasa langit sa labis na pagkatuwa.

Sumapit ang hatinggabi ako’y biglang nagulantang
Pagka’t mayroong dumaraing sa wari ko’y nasasktan
Pati itong aking kubo ay para bang dumuduyan
Tila yata limilindol ang bulong ko sa isipan.

Ako’y hindi nakatiis sinilip ang bagong tanan
At ako ay nanggilalas, nagulat sa napagmasdan
Anong puti anong kinis ngayon ko lang nasilayan
Parang diyosa ang dalaga sa taglay niyang kagandahan.

Parang kulog parang kidlat itong aking naramdaman
Sa wari ko’y nagagalit itong aking tangan tangan
Naninigas, nanginginig puro pawis ang katawan
Habang panay pa ang kiskis ng kamay kong nasa kanan.

Anong laki anong laki at kay bilog parang bola
Habang sinisisid ng lalakeng parang sawa
Naninigas naku nanang na sino mang mak...


Submitted by on December 12, 2017 (3 months ago)
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Asleep all day, awake all night
Why does it feel like sleeping isn’t right?
Ideas over ideas, lies over lies
This shit always happens when the sun is about to rise.

Chord after chord, word after word
My eyes won’t shut, even if my vision gets blurred.
Letter after letter, line after line
My mind just feels like its on cloud 9.

From notes to tabs, a G chord after C,
I wonder how fast these ideas could flee.
Everyone is fast asleep, and I feel alive,
Even if it’s already 30 minutes past 5.

Wrote a poem because of desperation,
While asking if salt and pepper is enough to season.
How do you even make the perfect Bouillabaisse?
And why is my mind so active even if I haven’t got enough sleep for days.

That’s it. I think I need to go to sleep,
Maybe I really can if I start counting sheep.
Or I’ll try to think everything away,
Knowing that this will happen again the next day....

Crazy Mary

Submitted by on December 11, 2017 (3 months ago)
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She hears voices inside her head
The one that will crawl in her bed
T’was sweet and soft but not from heaven
Always coming every now and then

Every morning is a struggle to her
Evening isn’t a good time either
Haunted, seems someone looking in the window
Later did she know, it was her own shadow

As she wakes up and open her eyes
There’s no more paradise
It’s quite and there’s no light in the room
Screaming loud yet no ones home

Fear took over her mind and soul
She don’t know what to do anymore
Another battle to fight with her monster
Someone help her, come faster

There’s no bruises in her body
The demon hide it properly
Try to look into her eyes, you’ll see...
Everything that he did to Mary

Because of You

Submitted by on December 6, 2017 (3 months ago)
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Met you by surprise
In time when I feel so low
In a place unexpectedly
Never in my mind it can be.

I say HI, you said HELLO
And feelings start to grow
Like a river rushes to flow
We’ve understand the language of our soul.

BEACUASE OF YOU now I realized
The beauty how life could be
When two hearts speak of love
Memories we shared to last.

How can I forget my sweet ______n?
The tenderness of your touch?
The sweetness of your kiss,
The feelings of your love.

Each day I think of it
To be always by your side
To spend my life with you
Until dawn and ‘till dust…
Until the twilight came my labs....

Take Me To You

Submitted by on December 5, 2017 (3 months ago)
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Do not take me to the make-believe paradise
Where happiness is fleeting and made up of unforgiving lies
Do not give in to insincere promises of just bliss
We will only end up in maudlin self-pity, I tell you this

Do not take me high up to the clouds
Only to be brought back down to the ground
Our fall will be inevitable as clouds turn into rain
The earth will laugh from our unsettling cries of pain

Do not take me to the stars nor the moon
There, where no trees or grass, not even flowers bloom
They only twinkle and shine in mere pretense
Luring you to their dark blanket of deafening silence

Instead, take me to the whirling wonders of your dreams
Sing to me about your cherished novels and films
Free the spirit imprisoned behind your facade and disguise
Even just a glimpse of your truth for now will suffice

Take me to the untold stories of your troubled mind
My grip will not loosen whatever fiasco I may find
Pull me down to the deepest parts of your sea of thoughts
Walk me through the frontiers of the scars from the battles you’ve fought

Take me to the complexity of the depths of your soul
Let my senses be kissed and needled by your crystals of amphibole
Uncover the contours of your anguish and sorrow
Allow me to be your solace and hold you till it be morrow

Take me to the corners of your skin where no one has been

The Guitarist

Submitted by on December 4, 2017 (3 months ago)
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I have fallen in love with a guitarist
He got the touch I can not resist
Chills when he breaths into my ear
Making me look at him with a leer
That’s telling his to draw me near.

He pulls the guitar and I watch him play
Play those songs that’s making me stay
With every strumming of the guitar’s string
I got these butterflies within, moving
And with his caress he got my mind spinning.

I feel like a guitar when he gently runs
his fingers through my skin, oh what fun
Getting me savage into his kiss
And can't help to wish to be forever his,
Oh dear! I can’t deny that i'm in love with a guitarist....

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