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The Guitarist

Submitted by on December 4, 2017 (1 month ago)
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I have fallen in love with a guitarist
He got the touch I can not resist
Chills when he breaths into my ear
Making me look at him with a leer
That’s telling his to draw me near.

He pulls the guitar and I watch him play
Play those songs that’s making me stay
With every strumming of the guitar’s string
I got these butterflies within, moving
And with his caress he got my mind spinning.

I feel like a guitar when he gently runs
his fingers through my skin, oh what fun
Getting me savage into his kiss
And can't help to wish to be forever his,
Oh dear! I can’t deny that i'm in love with a guitarist....

A Cold Night in December

Submitted by on December 3, 2017 (1 month ago)
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It was a cold night in december
The last time we saw each other
I'm still haunted by the memory of her
And the fact that we could never be together

She was a daddy's girl, a dutiful daughter
And i'm just me, a fucking loser
A regular guy that don't have much to offer
But goddammit, i was in love with her

What started as a playful flirting
Turned into a wonderful fling
You warned me not to fall for you
But it's hard to deny it, when the feelings are true

We texted, called each other everyday
While we were trying so hard to keep the feelings at bay
Until we came to a point of no return
The fire inside started to burn

But all good things must come to an end
When what have was just all pretend
You gave me one night to be with you
And one night is all i need, to know if you love me too

It has been more than a decade
In front of that beautiful lantern parade
That last time i stood in front of you
Then you gave me the sweetest kiss at CLSU...


Submitted by on December 2, 2017 (1 month ago)
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Truth, lies, sin
Trust, broken, pain
Trembling, shaking, vain
Shattered, mind, insane

Questions, puzzle, clue
Twisted, answers, true
Jealous, envy, decode
Burst, anger, explode

Chains, shackles, seal
Strength, power, ill
Die, live, will
Love, hurts, feel

Thankful, happy, sad
Tears, crying, mad
Cover, conceal, pretend
Over, done, the end.......


Submitted by on November 29, 2017 (1 month ago)
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Pag ibig nga ba?
Pag ibig ba ang nadarama?
Nadarama ng isang pusong nananahimik
Nananahimik lang sa sulok at walang imik

Ano ba ang nakita sa'yo?
Sa'yo na isa lamang estranghero
Kase.. kase..ang damdamin ko ay lumolobo
Na nakakamukhang gago

Ano ba 'tong ginawa mo sa'kin
Pinaasa mo ang marupok na damdamin
Oo,at kasalanan ko
Kung bakit ako naging ganito

Kung iyong mamarapatin
Patahimikin mo na uli ang aking damdamin
Sana'y di nalang tayo nagkakilala
Para ako'y walang problema

Ano ba ang nagawa ko noon?
Bakit nangyayari ito sa'kin ngayon?
Mga tanong na gumugulo sa isipan
Ibabaon nalang sa limot at kaban...

Until Then

Submitted by on November 24, 2017 (1 month ago)
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Strangers are we
Found each other anonymously
Until we chatted consecutively
We knew it's not right
But am hoping that it might
To continue the fantasy
Even knowing that it can't be in reality
My feelings' to be blamed
And i felt ashamed

You and i are miles away
Sadly we can't stay this way
See you in my dreams
Because it's not just a simple F.L.A.M.E.S
It's the best thing to do
To move on without you
Let this feelings die
Because we really are out of line
I'm saying goodbye
But know that what I felt is not a lie

Until then.....

My Demons and You

Submitted by on November 21, 2017 (1 month ago)
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Lying quietly in the dark
Thinking ‘bout everything as it breaks my heart
Wondering why life do this to me
Am I not deserve to be happy?

Been smiling and laughing all day
Pretending as if everything’s okay
But when the sun disappear in the sky
My wings are cut off and I can’t fly

Deep breath as I look down
Demons are starting to run around
Screaming, shouting, insulting me
Telling I am not even worthy

Even in my dreams I cannot escape
My demons are there too
I guess this is really my fate
I just wish I can share this with you

You, who ease my pain a little bit
You, who accept my dramas and shits
The one who hold my hand when no one’s there
You, who pretend that this is not a nightmare...


Submitted by on November 2, 2017 (2 months ago)
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Halik na palihim
Tuwing nagkikita sa dilm
Yayakap ng mahigpit
Parang walang bukas na sasapit

Mahal namin ang isa't isa
Pero wala dapat na makakita
Dahil di maintindihan ng mundo
Kung bakit siya ang nasa puso

Mahal namin ang isa't isa;
Mahal niya ako, mahal ko siya
Ngunit ang mundo'y may alintuntunin
Dapat na sundin

Hanggang kailan ko 'to titiisin?...


Submitted by on October 29, 2017 (2 months ago)
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I may have fallen
a thousand times.

But I knew you’ll just let me fall 
more than a billion times.

The saddest truth that I have ever learned
is that I have already loved you so deep and knew we can never be. 

So if by any chance in another life,
If you feel of falling in love again,
please fall for me. 

rnast 281017...

A Life With Strings [non erotic]

Submitted by on October 26, 2017 (2 months ago)
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You’re feeling safe in the warmth.
Your thoughts are quiet. You are innocent.

A life with strings.

You have been there for too long
The warmth is pushing you away.

Your thoughts are twisting and colours start forming.
You are now on your way to the thing that will rob you of your innocence.

You don’t know that.
You wouldn’t want that.

What you want is the warmth, but the cold is clinging to you and this is reality.
Strings are breaking.

You are now officially in the cold.
Forced to lived....

Haiku (Or Maybe Not)

Submitted by on October 19, 2017 (2 months ago)
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Promises not made
Obscure emotions were shown
Persistent I was
Of proving to you my love
Yearning to have you
That was my everyday wish
At times I was lost
Not fully seeing your heart
Knew I could get hurt
Even then, I was falling....

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