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Foreplay First

Submitted by on June 21, 2012 (5 years ago)
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Foreplay FirstForeplay is a basic part of the whole lovemaking understanding. Most men and women in the whole world who had already experienced lovemaking will surely agree that long and sensual foreplay will lead to the best sexual encounter. Foreplay will bring more pleasure to you and your partner if you really put an effort while doing it. A reason for this is because when both parties are fully aroused only then can they achieve maximum pleasure.

There is a long list of activities that is classified as foreplay. These activities consist of undressing your partner, kissing and petting. Most people said that undressing your partner increases the eroticism and excitement it what willhappen next. Foreplay will help both partners enjoy the lovemaking even more. It will also help women reach orgasm more often.

There is not really a definite way or a definite guideline on how to do foreplay. Every woman is different from one another. What may please one will not necessarily mean that it will please the other. Foreplay is about understanding what makes your partner happier and what will be more pleasurable to your partner and to yourself as well.

Paying attention to the details will surely help you in your lovemaking with your partner. You have to create the right environment so that you can set the mood or the atmosphere. Once this is achieved, you can start doing foreplay. You have to slowly begin the process of foreplay. You can...

Female Masturbation: The Benefits

Submitted by on April 20, 2012 (6 years ago)
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Female Masturbation: The BenefitsSo far we have dealt with the 'who' and the 'how' but now we turn to the 'why'. Why do girls masturbate? The simple answer, which is good enough for many, is that it is pleasurable, but that excludes many of the recognised and claimed benefits. Below is a short list of the more significant of these:

1. Its pleasurable - it had to be number one!

2. It helps you relax - safer than tranquillisers, cheaper than alcohol and no side effects.

3. It helps you get to sleep if you are suffering from insomnia

4. It can make you feel 'energised' and focused, making study or concentration related tasks easier

5. It gives a degree of relief from the physical discomforts many feel during periods

6. It allows you to find out what you like so that you can share your needs with a partner and have better sex

7. It is always available when sexual tensions need releasing - not always true of partner sex

8. It allows you to have as much gratification as you want, when you want it and at your speed - partner sex cannot compete

9. It takes the pressure off your partner as he/she is not the only source of your orgasms

10. It is the one form of sex with no risk of disease, pregnancy or emotional upset

11. It fits in with your life - unlike partner sex

12. It often results in more powerful and longer orgasms than other forms of sex.