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French Kisses: Troisième Chapitre

Submitted by on April 1, 2015 (3 years ago)
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French Kisses: Troisième ChapitreAfter that night, our next few months of dating was a series of laughter, sweet kisses, gentle, tight hugs, sleeping in each other’s arms, sweet nothings - that always made my heart melt. Now, all of those memories had become a part of the distant past, no chances of ever recurring - maybe.

One day during college, I woke up to see my door ajar with checkered balloons taped on it. They were all a variety of pastel colors.

So with curiosity, I slipped out of bed, put on my slippers and walked out the door. The hallway outside my room was the mouth of a river of flower petals, from roses, to sunflowers, to chrysanthemums, to magnolias, and tulips. It smelled like heaven to me.

'Wow. Whoever bought these must have had their wallet empty.'

I followed where they went. At the end, I turned to the left. After a few meters, I stood in front of our conference hall entrance. I couldn't see anything from the inside because the portal was covered with strings of white fur. I was so enticed looking at the wall of clouds when a cold nose touched my feet. I jumped back before I looked down- a brown shih tzu! With all excitement, I picked it up and held it to my chest.

"Hey honey. Who owns you? Huh? Who's inside? Who's waiting for me?" I said in a baby voice as I petted her.

And then I saw that under the knot of her blue ribbon was a small card.