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Pass The Torch

Submitted by on September 19, 2014 (3 years ago)
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I've heard the phrase 'circle of life' many times over but never really understood until I saw the animated film, The Lion King (1994). 

The movie is about the father telling his young son how everything is connected and has its own purpose of existence. But more so, the wise king was teaching responsibilities to the future heir to his throne. A nice depiction of life through talking animals.

For me, one aspect of that phrase is about passing the torch. A term in sports and became a regular phrase which means to relinquish what you have to the next responsible person. 

Prime example of it is the strict education and observation of traditions to maintain the status quo in royal kingdoms like in the UK, Spain, Brunei and others. How about in Philippine business run by few families such as the Ayalas, Sys and Gokongweis to name a few? And who can forget political dynasties like the Angaras, Dys, Lobregats, Tanadas, Aquinos and so on. 

As regular parents we normally shield our child from life's challenges. But successful empires, dynasties and kingdoms like those mentioned above do it in a much different way. They train their heirs as early as possible. They are either clever, shrewed and/or responsible to pass the torch to the next generation. They make sure that the position of power and wealth will not slip from their hands from generation to generation.

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