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Phallophobia (Fear of a Penis) - is the morbid and irrational fear of penises. This does not refer to those people, both men and women (more so women), who are just “turned off” by the thought of a penis, but rather those who are legitimately afraid of them.

Phallophobia is a condition where the sufferer experiences extreme terror with the thought of or exposure to a penis. Even a mere photograph or mention of one may “set them off”.

Symptoms of Phallophobia

General symptoms of Phallophobia, however, include a lack of sexual desire, extreme terror when faced with these type of situations, and general anxiety or feeling uncomfortable. Entering a sexual situation, or even just the mention of it or penises, could cause these feelings.

Ano naman kaya ang tawag sa namimiss ang etits at gustong humawak o sumubo nito? 

Sabi nga ni Fairybuntot, "Juice colored!!!"