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Huli ka.. Blackmail.

Submitted by on September 12, 2013 (4 years ago)
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This happened just this year.  We had this neighbor who were close to us.  When the head of the family was assigned to Leyte, he brought his whole family and settled there.  Bumalik ako sa ancestral home namin since my parents migrated to Australia with my siblings.  Si Diego na dati namin kapitbahay has 2 daughters, aged 9 and 14 at that time.  Si Candy, the younger one was more of a nerd type of girl and Cathy, the older one was the noisy and kulit type of girl.  This story is about Candy.

Fast forward to late last year.  Candy just graduated from college and went back to our place to see if her childhood friends were still there.  She was also looking for a place to stay for her review for the board exams.  I didn't recognize her but she was looking for my cousin who was her best friend way back.  My cousin already migrated abroad, but she still recognized me.  She introduced herself as Diego's daughter and asked if our neighbors were still here.  I could still remember Diego, we used to play basketball together.  I asked her how her dad is and she called her dad on the phone and we talked.  Diego asked for my help to look for a dormitory or boarding house for her daughter because she will be staying for 4 months to review for the board exams.  I have an extra room that is separate form the house that was vacant which was used as maids quarters before, because our househelp lives just nearby and is not staying in.  As a friend, I offered the roo...