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Remember I promised you long time ago I will be writing about you..about me..about us.. I think this is the time.

How many years has it been? And yet I can clearly hear your voice and your laughter..the way you look at me… the feeling I am loved despite the odds of what reality is. I know while writing this I will be crying and will decide not to write this anymore..but deep inside me I know I will be able to finish this despite the heavy heart.

You were among the few people who genuinely believed in my talent, in what I am capable of. I can feel the sincerity every time you tell me about it and every time you criticized me I know you were doing it for my own good. And every day when I feel i need a li’l tap on my shoulder I think about you and know that you will have that smile on your face and a li’l pinch on my chubby cheeks , your way of telling me I did well. When I need a boost of confidence I think about you and remember your voice, encouraging me to push and do more. You always believed in me and sometimes I am in awe and would wonder why.

I miss you everyday even up to this writing. I miss the conversations we had. The long talks over the phone with just about everything and anything. The arguements we had. And the silly things we discussed about the realities of our different way of living. We surprised each other with li’l anecdotes and learn from it and after a few years we would tell each other our &...