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Perfume and You

Submitted by on May 12, 2016 (2 years ago)
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Perfume and YouA wickd.witz nonsense © ™ ®
May 13, 2016 | All Rights Reversed !

Good day everyone ! It's Friday the 13th but I won't have any of that. The other day I noticed emptied bottles of perfumes sa drawers ko, some sa cabinets.. yung iba kalat kalat kung saang bahagi ng kwarto. I thought of an idea na instead na itapon ko (kasi wala naman silbi), I'd rather start a hobby or collection. Pang distract stress or mindless thoughts. 

I asked chatters sa lobby (boring naman kasi walang topic at that time) sa preferred or gamit nilang pabango.

They responded naman and all who answered were jubilant and ecstatic sa topic.
 And here's what I gathered from their preferences or gamit nilang pabango and recommendations nila for men.

Ladynhesa - Chloe, Omnia Bulgari, Hermes Jardin
coolestblue - Benetton Cold, Polo Blue
arkie - Gap Dream Love, Clinique Happy for Men
dee27 - Oxygen Lure
azucera.depapa - Issey Miyake (Light Blue) .. (probably Expedition)
Callisto - Acquia de Gio Armani
oliverjohnholmes - Hugo Boss, Polo Black, Lacoste L.12.12
shobe.sheen - Lanvin Eclat
gorgo1 - Guess Neo
owlzen - Acquia de Gio Armani
Anaxarette - Bombshell Victoria's Secret

Ano gamit nyo guys ? Kindly indicate if pwede sya sa lalake lang or pambabae lang or pwede sa lalake at babae.

Thank you!...