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Life Is A Circus

Submitted by on June 7, 2016 (1 year ago)
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This blog serves as my respite from an  overdose of porn/erotic stories that resulted  only in numbing-- instead of spiking-- my libido.

 Sometimes, I think life is a circus and the world is just a big circus tent where we are all characters/actors playing  roles as varied as  our  personalities.

 Perhaps, life in an office or  in any small community of people,  would be  a perfect  microcosmic example of circus life.  To illustrate:

Comparative  Descriptions  of  Characters

The  Circus Barker

Bback in the old days,  the circus Barker stood just outside the tent  entrance. As  his name suggests, he barked at  people enjoining them to watch the show.  “Come one, come all, see the greatest show on earth”  was his standard line , delivered at the top of  his voice (the megaphone came later) and punctuated with hyperboles.  Always trying hard to get public attention.

In a many ways, the barker is  liken to a con man, a promoter of sham, a false advertiser. Remember those  fake cavemen, mermaids and the likes in the so-called “freak” shows.?

The  Office Barker

In the office, this person’s goal in life is to impress people in the office,  takes  all  opportunities to showcase his  overrated intelligence and capability . He is a talker.  His favorite topic:  himself

This  character is an absolute nuisance, an asshole , during a seminar. ...