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Bus 'Trip'

Submitted by on April 12, 2016 (11 months ago)
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Bus 'Trip'Hindi naman bago sa ‘kin 'yong pupunta ka sa isang medyo malayong lugar tapos ay babalik ka rin sa pinanggalingan mo agad.

Dati, I went alone to Batangas port nang mag-isa lang then bumalik ng Manila pagkatapos mag-sightseeing sandali ng mga tao na pumupunta sa pier. As in wala kundi panoorin lang sila. Reason? Wala lang talaga akong magawa during that time and I have some spare money na pwedeng iwaldas. If I remember it right, college pa 'ko nito. Siguro toxic lang sa acads at gusto ko matanggal ang stress. Anyway, I did enjoy that time. Wala kasi akong iniisip na iba:

Sakay ng bus.


Pahinga ng konti sa provincial terminal, and then balik Maynila after some minutes.

Naulit pa 'yan when I was working na. Siguro around 2011 ‘yon. This time ay sa Laguna area naman, sa may Turbina. Ako lang din mag-isa noon. Ang baliw lang kung iisipin dahil parang sayang sa oras at pera. Who cares? I can say na nage-enjoy ako sa ganun at nami-miss kong ulitin. Naupo lang naman din ako sandali sa mga benches, kumain ng junk food while watching people then lumipat sa kabilang side ng daan para sumakay ng bus pabalik ng Maynila.

Pero napansin ko na wala man lang nag-iba sa dalawang byahe ko na ‘yon. Wala man lang exciting na nangyari. Well, hindi nga naman kasi exciting in the first place dahil solo lang ako. Wala ring naganap na anumang ‘aksyon’ or simpleng landi man lang. No reaction kaya ako sa mga iba...

bi life

Submitted by on August 22, 2015 (1 year ago)
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Five Sexy Moves You Don't Do in Bed. By Sari Locker

Submitted by on June 3, 2012 (4 years ago)
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Five Sexy Moves You Don't Do in Bed. By Sari LockerRomantically speaking, when it comes to heating things up, most people think of heading straight to the bedroom. While this makes sense for certain activities, that doesn't mean you two should be acting chaste as monks outside the boudoir. With a little creativity, seduction and sensuality can happen at any point in your day, whether you're strolling hand-in-hand down the street or kicking back in front of the TV together.

1. Partial public displays of affection
Pretty much all couples have engaged in some public displays of affection -- but what's even hotter are PDAs that are slightly hidden. Just ask Jess, 29, from Brooklyn, N.Y.: "I had this one boyfriend who would squeeze my thigh under the table whenever we were out to dinner with my friends or relatives," she says. "It always turned me on -- in fact, sometimes I'd have to kick him pretty hard to get him to stop." What makes semi-PDAs so arousing? Perhaps because it's a secret only you two are aware of -- and a test for your sweetie to maintain his or her composure.

2. Hand-holding gets hot
Lots of couples hold each other's hands ... but is it a turn-on? Probably not the way most people do it. But that can easily change. The next time you two are at a movie or watching TV with your digits entwined, up the intensity by treating your partner's mitts to a mini-massage. Brian, 27, from Miami, is one such lucky guy. "Sometimes my girlfriend will massage...

Top 5 Places to Have Sex

Submitted by on April 29, 2012 (4 years ago)
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Top 5 Places to Have SexHaving sex is not restricted on bed alone. Of course, you’ll have sex with someone you really love—your partner. However, since it will always be the both of you, it will be the responsibility of the both to maintain the excitement in this part of your relationship for this can make it stronger.

Being one also lessens the possibility of being attracted to other opposite sex in the duration of the relationship or committing infidelity. One of the factors that can give excitement in your sex life with your wife is to have it in a variety of places.

Here are some places where you can actually have it.

  1. You can surprise your partner while she is having her bath. Or what you can do is to call your wife to ask for towel pretending you have left it and surprise her this way. Or you can invite her to take a bath with you. Or bathe each other. There are so many things that you can explore in here, whatever you thing that will be pleasing for the both of you.
  2. For sure, your wife is spending a weekend cooking in the kitchen. It will be very sweet for you to hug her or kiss her even she is soaked of sweat. This is a very sweet act of a man to her woman. You can even volunteer for help and tease her while helping her.
  3. In the living room while watching television or DVD. You can ask her questions out of nowhere and wait for the right time to be sweet to your woman. You can start by tickling her on the waist or knee.
  4. In anni