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I Don't Like Sex!

Submitted by on November 15, 2015 (1 year ago)
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Can't we just stop talking about sex!

Why not talk about politics or the environment? Are we not aware of global warming? Or, "what's happening in this country!"(like a famous comedian's line).

I know sex is good, for some special(if your doing it with the one you love). But its overrated!

Some just do it for fun or they are just horny. At times we don't even care about the feelings of whom we are with.

Couples do it like its an obligation. Or just a means to make human beings. The legal ones, talking about men and women in their prime without any strings prohibiting them to pre-marital sex, are like crazed sex freaks, humping any one in sight, hahaha.

And the teens nowadays, Oh my! I dont even wanna start, sigh..

I know the feeling of having an ejaculation. Wow! The best!

But after that, I worry about the aftermath of what I've done. Is she going to get pregnant?(I did not use rubber). Or did she cum?(lousy lover).

So why not stop talking about sex?

Oh wait, did I just been writing about sex. Fuck!

Ok, guilty, I love sex. Hehe!

Honey, 'Im home. Did you take a bath, coz mine's been ready since noon.