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Chick Collection: Ms. R+S+T

Submitted by on April 5, 2016 (1 year ago)
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My name is Marcus. And this was my life. Well, my dark secret past. Let us just say that I am of reputation now and i have semi-retired my life as a sex addict. Ang kuwento na ito ay hindi maaaring kopyahin sa anumang paraan, nang walang ipinahayag na pahintulot ng may-akda sa pamamagitan ng anumang mga pamamaraan na magagamit. Karapatang magpalathala ng otor.


Chick Collection: Ms. R+S+T

After 6 months of planning and waiting, the time has finally arrived. We are now at Terminal 4 waiting for our flight to Palawan. It is going to be fun-filled and exciting, sa isip ko lang. Fun-filled because we have planned several tours around the island. Exciting because I have with me 3 amazing women of my life.

Yup, tatlo sila, ako lang ang lalaki.

Ang ngiti ko hanggang tenga, as I sat on my seat sa Air Asia... Imagining how the trip will be. And how it will end.

The plane was packed with tourists, local and foreigners.  There are tourist from different walks of life going to spend their vacation in Palawan.

We were seated on row 14 of the plane. I was in 14B. At my right is Ms. T, at my left is Ms. S. Isolated from us is Ms. R on 14D.

"Marc, palit tayo." pakiusap ni Ms. R."Dito ka na. Lalaki ka naman. Tabi kami tatlo."

Tumayo ako at nakipagpalitan ng seat ni Ms. R.

As I moved and sat at the other side, nakita ko si Ms. T. Nakasimangot a...