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Ladies' Confessions Series: The Groomsman

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“Ok, Kristine, tingin lang sa bintana.”, the photographer said as I posed for the camera.

It was two o'clock in the afternoon, Sunday, month of June. The weather was an overcast, mostly cloudy but it wasn't raining. I can view the Makati skyline from the window. I can hear the voices of my friends and relatives from the other room. It was filled with excitement and a bit of chaos as they prepare themselves. It was a special day for me. It was my wedding day.

“Good shot! Pakitaas lang po ng flower ng konti and look to the camera.”, he instructed.

The bouquet was perfect! The flowers were arranged beautifully, mixed colors and vanilla-flavored scented. It was so lovely!

“Carla, pakiaayos naman yung gown ni Ms. Kristine.”, the photographer said to his assistant.

She repositioned the veil and spread the long skirt & train of my wedding gown. It was an A-line type gown, the design was simple but it's very elegant. The fabric used for it was very comforting, making it expensive. The strapless neckline cut was perfect for my thin arms and shoulders. The tight bodice made it fitting for my 34b chest, flaunting my cleavage. Thanks to my closest friends, they were my advisers in choosing the excellent gown that best fits my body contour.

“Paul, paki gawi nga sa kanan yung lighting. Thanks! Ok, set po, Ms. Kristine. Tingin lang sa camera.”, as I continued to smile....