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Second Life

Submitted by on February 3, 2016 (2 years ago)
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It started with a horny woman looking for a porn. After all, second to social media, porn is on the top of the online activities in the world wide web.

She wanted to explore sex without physical contact. Oh, the irony. Sex is a contact activity. But that was what she wanted.

So she stumbled upon this virtual game. 

Creating the avatar was easy enough. And not that costly with lots of freebies and samplers for skins and clothes available. 

[You have been teleported to Sex Island]

Marshall Andrews: Hi! Wanna fuck?
Her: Sure!
MA: Just sit on the pink ball.
Her: How?
MA: Right click then select use
MA: Take off your clothes. Right click on yourself and select remove all clothing.

She did that. Her avatar is now naked. Her partner's avatar is also naked with a huge cock protruding.

Her: Nice cock.
MA: yeah. I got it from ___. Touch it.

Her mouse hovered to the cock and she clicked her mouse. A pop up appeared on screen.

[VirtuaCock: Stroke. Eat. Stradle. Cum]

She chose stradle.

On screen, her avatar was stradling the other avatar's leg.

MA: uhm, i think my cock needs debugging. Let's just use the sex balls.

The guy pointed to the blue ball and sat on it. She clicked on the pink ball.

Wow! Virtual bodies fucking in various sex positions! It was like watching porn. It was also like playing with dolls...