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Extra Marital Affair/One Time 101

Submitted by on April 25, 2016 (2 years ago)
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I would like to ask our readers what are their ideas on how to manage an extramarital relationship, at least to a point not to be too easily caught or trapped.

I have a friend who keeps asking me how could she able to to do it. She is asking me because i'm a man and honestly i dont know how because i dont have any experience about it. She is married but she would like to try just for the sake of it. Despite my rants and advices against it, she is determined to do it. I care for her, and the least i could do na lang is to give her ideas how to do it successfully, as if there is a hundred percent sure way. One time lang sa kanyang online friend.
She has no work and currently at home lang. Her friend is a single guy and has no intention to ger serious also. They just want to experience to have sex before umalis yung guy pa abroad. She insisted that in a way this could also improved her marriage for reasons i cant comprehend much less agree, but its her life and im just a friend.

Im just asking for ways or advice, given na yun na mali gagawin niya. Salamat po sa magrereply....