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These Days

Submitted by on April 11, 2017 (1 year ago)
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his is a bright sunny sunday,
her night is just on the way.
his chores he's about to keep,
her angels are just past asleep.

it's only thirty-six hours when they met,
but here they are again on the internet.
he gave her a hi and asked how she's doing,
she hi'd back and said not much happening.

only minutes passed and it seems forever,
how they could hold being together.
he wants to see her, she wants to see him,
they took the video chat without a whim.

you could see his smile with her acceptance,
the twinkle on her eyes in a close distance.
he sat on the floor with the phone on the bed,
she lays flat with the pillow under her head.

they exchanged jokes and told some stories,
even for a little time to make some memories.
he's enchanted by her even way before,
Idolizing her works and somehow adore.

he knows where she stand, she knows it too,
she told him his policy which is pure and true.
thou stubborn as he is and went what he feel,
she make him realized that he needs to be real.

everytime he tries something stupid and funny,
she reminds him it wont work and youre just lonely.
he cant help to think her action betray her words,
but shes just being herself like strumming a guitar chords.

it makes him ecstatic everytime they converse,
talking about family sometimes the universe.
he could go...

Your Love: Trisha

Submitted by on September 19, 2016 (1 year ago)
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Your Love: Trisha“I can’t live without you”
“Promise ikaw lang talaga”
“I’ll always be here for you”
“I love you”

Those are the shitty words he used to say to me at ako naman tong tanga naniwala din. I did believe everything he said, kahit pinagsabihan na ako ng mga kaibigan ko na niloloko niya lang ako, wa pakels ang beauty ko besh, push pa rin ng push. Kaya ang ending, luhaan!

It’s been what? 8 months? Ewan. Ang alam ko lang, nawala na lang siya na parang bola, wala man lang paabiso, walang pasabi, wala kahit ano. At first akala ko he just needed some space, pero teh 8 months na oh, hindi lang yata space ang kailangan niya.

Well hinanap ko naman siya, I ask his friends about his where abouts but no one could really give me a good answer. Some of them said na nag abroad, sabi naman nung iba may kinakasama na raw na ibang babae, may nag sabi din na baka daw nag aadik na. I don’t have any contact sa family niya kasi for 10 months of being together never pa niya akong napapakilala sa mga ito. He said, nasa abroad ang mama niya at ang papa niya naman ay hindi na niya nakilala simula nung bata pa siya.

Yes I know what you’re thinking about na from the start hindi naman talaga siya seryoso sa akin, eh anong magagawa ko? Nadaya ako eh, nagmahal lang ako besh, wag kang ano jan. Anyways, as what I’ve said its been already 8 months since he left and masasabi ko namang nakapag mov...