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Sessions with Doc Jenny: The College Girl and the High School Loser

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I was out with my family one summer during the early years of Punta Fuego when it was still really exclusive and was all the hype. I would normally sit by a tree and read or tan while my brothers and sister frolicked around in the sand or in the water.

So while I was sitting by the sea one morning, I noticed a bunch of high school boys that kept walking by me (or behind me). I felt like they were trying to get my attention as a bunch of them gathered somewhere else would get rowdier or louder as maybe one or two of them neared my location. I guess they thought it was "cool" if they sounded really loud as if they owned the place.

There were maybe seven of these boys and less than half of them (maybe three of them) had female companions and so the rest were by their lonesome.

So this went on and I kept seeing them around the place like at the jacuzzi's, bowling alley, billiards, restaurant. What struck me though was one particular boy. I noticed him because even though they're supposed to be friends (I mean why would they bring the other boy to Punta Fuego?), the other boys seemed to be bullying him around. This boy was your typical, off-the-shelf, couldn't-be-more stereotypical nerd: fat, pimples, messed up hair, thick glasses and this look as if he hadn't taken a bath for a week.

But I guess my heart went out for him because he kind-of resembled my baby brother who was also a little chubby kid (then).

One night as I wa...