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My First Time

Submitted by on September 1, 2013 (4 years ago)
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They say your first time is always memorable, good or bad.  This was my first sex experience.  This happened when I was still in 3rd year high school.

When I was in high school, I would go with our neighbor to school since they had a car (carpool).  My neighbor works in the bank which was near our school and his son was a schoolmate of mine.  On the way home, I sometimes would also go with them specially if ubos na ang baon ko and I have no jeepney fare already.  The problem is I would arrive home late because my neighbor sometimes do overtime.  It was there in the bank that I met Mai-mai.  She was a fresh graduate and was recently hired.  She was so pretty and that she looked good in her uniform.  If there is this thing called a perfect body, she got it.  A body to die for (36-25-34).  She also has a pretty face (Rita Avila look-alike), and is about 5'4".  She also lives within our baranggay.  I got close to her since she would approach me and talk to me while I was waiting for our neighbor to go home. So I would sometimes go with her and would walk her home.  I didn't make ligaw because I was afraid it would break our friendship and she was 5 yrs my senior and I heard she has a boyfriend, and besides I was a 3rd year high school boy at the time.

As we got closer, it would be a daily routine that I would pass by her bank and we would go home together.  I never asked her though about her boy friend and she would never talk about him.  O...