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Do It Yourself Spa - Body Scrub

Submitted by on March 31, 2017 (1 year ago)
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Sharing some kikay tips for the ladies and pwede ring bonding for couples

DIY or Do It Yourself are alternatives from the services which we usually pay to avail and usually the cost is a bit stiff depending on the establishment name or location.

Removing old skin is a must. It gives us better skin and maintains its softness. Sarap din kasi maglambing kapag smooth ang skin natin diba. I'm sure your partner will also enjoy holding and caressing you kapag baby soft and smooth and skin.

And since mahal magpabody scrub sa mga spa at saloon ito ang solusyon ko. Minsan pa nga nakakasugat sa skin natin kung bigla manggigil si attendant o madiinan ang scrub which is not good for us. Kung kayo ang gagawa nito, mas controlled nyo ang diin.

1/2 cup Used coffee grinds (yung mga nagamit na after kayo mag brew ng coffee. kung walang brewer sa bahay, baka pwede kayo hingi sa local coffee shops nyo or sa office kasi minsan tinatapon lang din naman nila)
2 tablespoons of your favorite lotion or 1 tablespoon of your favorite body oil

Mix well and set aside. THis is good for 1 use for 1 person.

Sa bathroom nyo, magset kayo ng upuan and batya (yung kasya kayo sa loob)Let us start from our feet to the head. Para malakas pa tayo sa pinaka maraming kailangan alisin na old skin before tayo punta sa pinaka sensitive na skin.

Get a little of the mixture and start scrubbing your feet. Ang scrubbing dapat ci...

Epitome of pleasure [2]

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Maikli lang. Round 2 ng isang story. I hope yu'll enjoy this as much as I did!

He brushed my hair. I was leaning on his chest. We were watching some new cartoon shows from cartoon nertwork and yeah, we were still naked.

I smiled. He did too. Signal na ata ulit yun na pwede na. Wala pang 30 minutes mula nung first round. Tiningnan ko siya ng mata sa mata, para alam niya kung gaano ko kagustong maulit yung ginawa namin. For some inexplicable reason, I am wet again and I can feel my sex stirring towards another orgasm. He cleared his throat, i could see his adam's apple move. He slowly pulled me up and kissed me torridly. I could live on his lips forever. Geez. His hands were travelling all over my body. Alam kong nanggigil siya, pero sobrang gentle ng paghaplos niya as if I was fragile. I was panting by the time he let go.

"Go get the oil, mag CCR lang ako."
"Sige." He said.

After I came back, dumapa na ako with my arms as my pillow,preparing myself for what would this experiment thing will feel like. Umupo siya sa may banda buttocks ko. He started to pour some oil on my back. Malamig. Nakakarelax, nagsimula siyang imassage ako. From my buttocks to my shoulders then back to my ass. Fucking love the feeling. Pinaghiwalay niya yung legs ko, nafefeel ko na pumusisyon din siya, ready to enter me again. Pumikit ako saglit, bit my lower lip. I could feel his erection push through and I pushed my hips against him, trying hard to let hi...

Top 4 Accessories For Your Room

Submitted by on June 26, 2012 (5 years ago)
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Top 4 Accessories For Your RoomYour room will be the most convenient place where you can have your lovemaking. This is not juts about pleasure or sex alone but part of a relationship to build a family of your own and of course, the expression of your love for each other. There are some things that you can put inside your room that can help your lovemaking be more refreshing and interesting. There are now some accessories that can add to the romantic ambiance of your room that will surely make you both more active and participative in this. As a man, it will be like your unwritten responsibility to make it to your wife as romantic as possible. Women are most likely in want of a romantic atmosphere. So the more romantic is your room, the more possibility that she will participate more on your love making. Below are some accessories that you can put in your room to surprise her.

1. Scented candles. Some candles have scents that are ideal when you want to attract your partner in lovemaking. Some scents are chocolate, mint and pepper. You can search further about the attracting scents. Just be sure that your partner has no allergy in any scent that you will avail.

2. Petals of roses. Most women love roses, especially white and red. Seeing this inside your room around your bed or on the floor, it will make the woman feel special that she will love to make love with you more. This is a very sweet act that every woman will always appreciate.