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My Bossing

Submitted by on September 8, 2013 (4 years ago)
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This story happened on a holy week a few years ago.  I had this officemate who was my batchmate when I started to work in a BPO company.  We were in the same department and worked in the same shift so we got close.  Her name is Sandra, single, 24yo then, chinita, chubby, smart and about 5'4".  She wears glasses that hides her true beauty, but also made her more attractive being a demure type of girl.  She is kinda maldita and strict.  When the company revamped its personnel, she was promoted as team manager and was moved to another department.   In less than a year, she was being tagged as the GM's mistress which I believed was true based on sightings of them being intimate and the favors her department get from our boss.  With different shifts, we kinda lost track on each other and see only when there are company wide meetings and activities.

It was a holy monday when our paths meet again.  She asked me if I still lived at the same place and I said yes (she's been to my place couple of times already).  She asked me a favor if she could park her car at my place since she will be out of town for the holy week as she parks her car in the street from where she was living.  I said it was ok as my neighbors would also be out of town and there would be parking space available in the compound.  Sandra told me that she was leaving wednesday and that I would call her after my shift.  I came out of my shift at 7am and called her after I had breakfast.  She was...