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One Journey at a Time Book I Homeless Luck, Vagrant Jackpot Act IV

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I remained awake for the good part of the next hour.

After that ball- busting, lustful ride; I couldn't sleep. A few minutes after Cherry took her leave, my shaft remained hard and despite the dimness of the room, I could see the white traces of our aborted tryst. Her milky white love juice stayed on the length of my hard shaft, glistened like some sort of neon light.

My shaft remained standing proud outside the confines of my boxer short. Due to the premature end of my session with Cherry, I could still feel both my shaft and balls engorged. I was tempted to jack off that time and let go of the libidinous fluid threatening to spill out from my still hard shaft.

But I did not.

Cherry's words rang in my ears like a bell chime on loop.

". . . Preserved it. For me."

That's what Cherry said.

With that in mind, I took some deep breaths and calmed myself. Gradually, my hard shaft reverted to its snake form. I then re-inserted it inside my boxer short and went back to sleep.

I knew it would be a Saturday that day. Two days ago, I planned to go out of town, by my lonesome seeking adventure. I recalled, on my plan timetable, that the better first half of the day would be dedicated to the mandatory chores. Arrange, set and drop the weekload laundry at my favorite cleaners. General housecleaning. Despite being a freeloader, I found in myself to commit on things I could do. Dusting, brooming, swipin...

One Journey at a Time Book IV: Loan Sexcurity, Debt Pussyment Act I

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During my time in one of the most known BPO centers in the Philippines, I was blessed enough to get acquainted with women. In part, due to my position. In part, because of my aptitude on the technical know-how of the account we're assigned to. In part, due to my natural ability to listen. But mostly, because of my oozing charisma.

One of them was Mhaydee. Her real name is Mayda but since we're in the BPO environment, everyone was free to choose whichever name you want yourself to be called. She's one of the few ladies who's fair-skinned (white as Snow White), because personally I get attracted more to the "Morena" type, whom I got to be intimate with. Mhaydee was a petite lady, no higher than 5'1" (I guess) but had the curves in all the right places. Bust is small but considering her height and body frame, still proportionate. Long hair with bangs that framed her heart-shape face. Her pearly white teeth still noticeable despite her braces. Overall, she's gorgeous.

When we're still together in the same center, we're actually accompanied by my main interest; her best friend, Caroline. Probably the reason we got along well was our mutual interests. We all read novels, play DOTA & Tekken and eat a lot. I got to spend more time with Mhaydee though, due to the fact that we're almost neighbors as well. We rented units in the same city and barangay, probably apart by just two or three blocks. If possible (almost same schedules), we went home together.

One Journey at a Time Book I: Homeless Luck, Vagrant Jackpot Act II

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Being the Head of Technical Department for the company I worked for has its merits and downsides. In my case, the only demerit I complained of was the avalanche of concerns I had to face and take care of in person. The company has more than twenty satellite branches nationwide! Twenty-four to be exact by the time I was promoted and made Head of the department I handled.

I am required to visit all branches every month. The purpose? To make sure all our people were educated and equipped with the basics of the technical know-how of the product they were selling.

With a twist of fate and a little pinch of destiny, I came to love this particular assignment. How's that? You will know for it's the reason why I have written this after all.

It had been six months when I started with the company and a month less since I started crashing in at Cherry's
place. After our first intimate encounter, we didn't gain another chance to have a repeat as we've been all very busy. The most we managed all that time were stolen kisses, passing brushes on our respective bushes and exchanged winks and pouts.

I guess when both parties are involved and well aware of the affair they dove into, they mutually earn a level of secrecy and learn how to act normal to everybody else. Because that's how it was between I and Cherry. Not even one soul suspected of an extra-marital affair going on with her and I had been prudent enough to raise any suspicion. As much...

One Journey at a Time Book I: Homeless Luck, Vagrant Jackpot Act I

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"There comes a time in a man's life that quick action is a result of guts, willpower and lust reaching the boiling point."

At one point in my life, I experienced running away from home. To be precise, this particular incident already counted as my 4th. I and my mother, the "Empress Dowager" of my house (or so I see her as such) had rows too many and I decided, enough is enough. Confident of myself, my particular set of skills, my good looks and extremely blessed by Lady Luck, I set out; vowing never to return.

Having employed with an excellent managerial post also added to my well-bloated ego.

With no specific plans to pay my own rent and such, I wriggled out of my dilemma by asking the generosity of one of my office mates. She was actually my mentor when I first started with the company we both worked for. Right off the bat, I knew then and there that she was something. She's actually married with three kids, her youngest: a son who was then 9 months old. Despite that, she's still on her prime. At 5'2", her height is well complemented by her well-proportioned body. Her bust was what that first caught my attention. During that time we're not required to wear any kind of office uniform so she's always on light blue jeans, button-on short-sleeved blouse (which failed to hide her bust through her noticeable cleavage), minimal make-up and just a touch of rose red lipstick. Her hair's black and shoulder-length that's alway...

BPO Affair Part 3

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Pasensya na sa mga nag abang ng matagal at nabitin... Nagkasakit po si author this past few days kaya ngayon lang po na update ang story...

Habang panay ang sabunot ni Jam sa akin nagulat ako dahil biglang may nag squirt na lang kasabay ang mahabang ungol...
Uhhhhhh uhhhhhh ahhhhhyannn... Wika niya
Nalasahan ko ang medyo manamis namis na katas ni Jam.
Hindi ko akalain na squirter pala siya.

Nanginig si Jam at nung makarecover siya sa nangyari. Umangat ako para bigyan siya ng matamis na halik. Maalab ang naging halikan namin... Naglalaban ang aming dila at nagsisipsipan ng labi...

Nang akmang papasukin ko na si Jam ako ay pinigilan niya...
Gusto daw niya matikman muna bago ipasok... Sabay biglang yumuko at subo agad ng aking pagaari.. Napa ooohhh ako ng wala sa oras dahil ramdam ko ang pagkagutom niya dahil bigay todo ang pagsipsip... Hirap pigilan na magpaputok... Pero ayaw talaga tantanan ni Jam...

Ako: ooooh ang saraaap naman nyan.

Jam: ulk ulk ulk sup sup sup... Habang nakatingin sa akin na pupungay pungay ang mata na alam mo nageenjoy siya sa kanyang ginagawa....

Ako: Uhmmmm ooohhhh... Shittt malapit na Jam... Puputok naaaaaa...

Imbis na tumigil at bumagal... Eh lalo siya naging mapangahas sa pagsubo at sipsip ng aking titi

Ako: Ayan naaaaa... Sheeeeeeeeeettttt.... Uhhh...

Jam: ulk ulk ulk.... Sabay lunok sabay sabi ng ang dami ahhh... Naipon?


BPO Affair Part 2

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Hinawakan ko ang isa nyang kamay at habang ang isang kamay ko ay patuloy pa dn sa paglalaro sa may bandang singit...
Pabulong akong nagsalita at sinabi... Sigurado ka na ba? Is that your final answer???

Isang hmmm lang na pa ungol ang sinagot nya... Inilapit ko sa tenga niya ang aking labi sabay sabi kong... Try lang natin... May kasamang pagdila matapos ko sabihin ang mga katagang un...

Napa ohhhh si Jam at napahinga ng malalim... Sabay bukas ng kanyang mata at humarap sa akin... Isang linya lang binanggit niya na nakatatak pa din sa isip ko.
Huwag Dito! At parang tunog ng kampana ang narinig ko matapos nya sabihin ang mga katagang yan.

Sabi ko may alam akong lugar tara na ba?
Huwag ngayon, kelangan ko na ding umuwi... bukas na lang aftershift, kelangan ko pumasok pumasokng maaga kasi may meeting tugon ni Jam.

Napaisip ako na sayang ung pagkakataon. Andito na eh baka maglaho pa... Kaso nanaig ang pagiging marespeto ko sa babae kaya pumayag na ako na ipagpabukas ang pwedeng mangyari sa aming dalawa.

Sige sige bukas... Sure yan ah. tugon ko pa sa kanya... Isang nakakalokong ngiti lang ang isinagot ni ms Jam. Matapos nyan nag bill out na kami at nagpasyang umuwi sa kanya kanyang bahay. Masakit man ang puson ko... Naisip ko na lang na may bukas pa!

Dumating ang araw at hindi ako maka trabaho ng maayos... Excited akong makauwi. Kahit anung gawin ko hindi ako mapakali. Si Jam na petite at may inosente...

BPO Affair Part 1

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Hi FSS peeps... Gusto kong i-share ang aking naging experience nung ako'y mag trabaho sa isang kilalang bpo company sa makati...

Nagsimula ang lahat nung naka isang taon na ako sa kompanya... Mahiyain pa tayo nung una pero nung katagalan kunapal din ang mukha natin hehe.. At dahil makapal na ang mukha natin hindi na tayo nahihiya masyado maki salo sa mga bagong nakakatrabaho, hindi gaya nung unang pasok na wala ka pang alam sa mga ginagawa nila.

Isa dito si Jam... Isa sya sa mga officemate namin pero sa ibang team. Naging ka close ko si Jam dahil may mga part ng trabaho ko na kailangan lumapit ako sa team nila para mabigay ung kelangan ng client.

Si Jam ay isang morenang petite na babae... Malaki ang boobs kasi chubby at may pagka misteryosa. Yung tipo bang mukhang conservative pero alam mo parang pwedeng nasa loob ung kulo kasi pag nagsalita. Madalas kong biruin pag nakakatrabaho ko ung team nila... Dahil Cowgirl tong si Jam naisipan kong biruin isang araw na maginom kaming dalawa.

Dahil sa stressful na work namin pumayag naman sya. Sinet ko etong inuman sa isang lugar na medyo malayo sa office namin para iwas tsismis na din... Alam ko dn kasi may bf tong si Jam kaya kelangan tlga maingat tayo.

Habang nagiinuman ginamit ko ung linya ng mga networker na openminded ka ba..? Natawa sya at akmang inunahan na ako para sabihin OO baket oofferan mo ako ng side income para maipasok sa kung anu mang ibang kumpanya na yan.. S...