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Months in a Year - The first of May

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The first of May

"Anj, this is Mariel. She will be part of the operations, one of our new Team Leads. Mariel, this is Anj. One of our Leads Manager. You’ll be part of his team.

Yun lang ang sinabi sakin ni boss Max at umalis na din siya agad. Hindi ko muna agad pinansin ang bagong team lead. Ganun naman lagi, ako ang laging pinapartner sa mga bagong leads para mag shadow. Shadowing is part of the process wherein ako ang aalalay at mag e-evaluate sa mga bagong leads. Eventually, my recommendation will matter if they will stay sa team ko or ipapasa ko sa ibang Leads Manager.

Anyway, medyo wala ako sa hulog that day. Paper works are coming all over. Endorsements, recommendations, at ang pasakit na weekly business review. Ako ang nakatoka sa business review para sa quarter na ito. Pati pag gawa ng mga deck para sa mga bagong updates, sakin din nakatoka. Yung 8 hours, mabilis lang na lumipas, sa dami ba naman ng trabaho ko. Halos di na ako lumabas ng cubicle ko na mukhang aquarium. Maya maya pa ay kinakatok na ako ni Boss Max at pinapasunod ako sa meeting room. Di ko naman sukat akalain na meet and greet naman pala ang mangyayari. Sa dami ng ginagawa ko, wala akong oras sa ganito.

Pag dating ko sa meeting room, there were five new faces I’ve seen. I don’t know or if it is just me. Pero lahat ng nasa meeting room ay di ko alam if corporate employees or modelo. Sabagay, hindi nag ha hire ng medyo alangan...

One Journey at a Time Book I Homeless Luck, Vagrant Jackpot Act III

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"Hmmph, hmm, Umph! Hmmph, hmm, Umph!" Came the muffled moans as the lady's head sensuously bobbed up and down my sleeping giant.

We were under the canopy of a huge, ancient, leafy tree. Its dried, fallen leaves served as our makeshift mattress on the smooth, cold earth. Its trunk, wide and heavy effectively blocked us from view on the eastern side. While on the Southernwest, a vast sea of blue stretched as far as the eye could see. One would have to had binoculars just to see us, two entwined souls, beneath the mute, sturdy witness that was the huge, ancient, leafy tree.

My shaft, still on its snake form, couldn't help but hiss as the intimacy it was being rewarded upon was climbing in intensity. The lady shifted gears, as this time, her own serpentine tongue forked out from her luscious mouth and glided ever so slowly on my snake. She licked like a child would lick a chocolate bar or a nicely scooped vanilla ice cream on a cone. Steady, strong licks that would melt either a chocolate bar or a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Yet, the effect on my snake was the exact opposite! It didn't melt. Rather, solidness slowly but surely filled its very body right down the core.

The snake was now a shaft, hard and lengthy. Its bulbous head red and strong. A milky white substance could be seen dripping from its tip which didn't escaped the watchful eyes of the lady. With a lustful smile, she engulfed my shaft with her right hand down its base. She held it fro...