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Accidentally in Paradise

Submitted by on July 4, 2014 (3 years ago)
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Well away from the casinos and bright lights of Nevada’s urban centers you’ll find the Bald Oasis Hospital. It would be a strange place for a hospital, if it really was a hospital, but it’s more of a place where people go for sexual therapy – even just sex. It’s far off the beaten track, partly for legal reasons, and few people ever pass by accidentally, they are normally responding to advertisements on the internet.

For avid biker Brian Fielding nowhere was out of the way. He’d crossed the Andes, the Sahara Desert and the Russian Tundra on his bike and so a trip through the semi-arid desert of Nevada was child’s play. Or so he thought.

Temperatures were hovering around 120 degrees the day he rode towards the Bald Oasis and he was beginning to feel quite ill. When his vision became blurred even tough guy Brian knew when he should stop and rest.

The building was visible for several miles although he had no idea what it was. He made his way slowly towards it feeling more nauseous every minute but he made it and was quite surprised when he discovered it was a hospital.

Brian went through the first door he came to just hoping to find a cool place to sit down and relax but he didn’t remember another thing until he came to in bed. It was a private room and so there was no one to ask what had happened but he was feeling OK and decided to climb out of bed but at the exact same mom...