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My ODDyssey 4 almost a broken frame part 4

Submitted by on January 2, 2015 (3 years ago)
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(Sorry folks been bloody busy)

Li and I lovingly fingered Acey's tight wet pussy, whilst sucking and licking her supple round bosoms, lightly biting and pulling her stiff pink nipples.  Our mouths slowly went up not leaving Acey's supple flesh, up to her neck sucking and licking every inch of her slender supple neck and ears and then the three of us kissed sucked and licked each other, Acey then fucked Li's lovehole with her supple fingers, their love juices flowed wetting my bed sheet even more with sweet smelling love juice.

My sweet love juice also continue to ooze down my thighs as gumi's dark fingers continue to fondle my soft wet pussy, like fat wriggling worms that also probe my tight wet love hole while his other hand squeezed and kneads my bums, the forbidden pleasure was so fucking overwhelming as my hips continue to sexilly bob and sway.

Acey pulled up my shirt and suckled and fondled by bosoms, she also bit and pulled my stiff nipples gently with her teeth,  "Oh baby baby" I moaned as I slowly went from kneeling to sitting on the bed.  Li went on loving Acey's face neck and ears with her mouth.  They pulled their fingers from each other with a squish and lets me suck and lick them. 

"so warm and so very sweet my babies" I muttered lovingly. Li and Ace fondled my bosoms as our mouths lovingly explored every inch of each others faces and neck, nibbling licking sucking the ears.  They then suckled my bosoms while...