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Random Untitled Verses

Submitted by on September 8, 2017 (14 days ago)
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She was an angel on my sight,
as she approached me on that night. 
We we're dancing through the moonlight, 
both our hearts raced to our delight. 

As the music slowly changes, 
life has stopped turning it's pages. 
I hold her close, our clasp tightens,
while my heart slowly awaken.

From my silent sleep I awaken

~(based on a certain debut waltz almost a decade ago)...

My Vintage Chuckie

Submitted by on August 3, 2017 (1 month ago)
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At seventeen you were disparaged
Was on a cloud nine as you were expensive
Never thought that I'd have such breakage
When you were incredibly allusive.

Your color is as the raging waves
You definitely was able to stand tests of time
You are until now admired with your raves
With classy, perfect sublime.

At one point, you were used and abused
Was slammed by your competitiveness
Thinking as unaccused
You're still commended by your bluntness.

To the wounds that never heal
And to the scars that will forever remain
That lifeblood tends to congeal
Even when soaked and soiled in the rain.

Twas always a lovely beginning
But suppressed by anxiety
Will become a stiff ending
Alas remain strong, my vintage Chuckie.

copy? borrow? ask permission from Akela143-8/3/2017...

Writing a Non Erotic Story

Submitted by on June 6, 2017 (3 months ago)
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I wonder if it is okay to post a non erotic story here considering this is a sex story website?...

Never Be Like You

Submitted by on May 8, 2017 (4 months ago)
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first time ko type ng story kaya pag pasensyahan sana, gusto ko lang i share ang part ng story ng buhay ko sa inyo, pasensya na din kung di maayos ang grammar at ang english, kung nag iexpect ka din ng sexual or erotic na story, then wala kang mababasa o mahahanap dito, hehe, so here what happend.

I once had girlfriend, beautiful, decent, understanding, and simple, shes all i ever wanted, she was all i ever wished for,i thought she was the one,id marry her at the time were dating if i could. her family is really rich, hindi kagaya sa amin na may kaya lang, and i gotta admit, her family doesnt like me that much, but i thought they got along since we dated for more than 7 years, but in the 7th year of our relationship, lots of things happened, sa year na yan kami nag hiwalay, at medyo na papadalas na ang aming pag aaway, dito din dumating  ang family na close na close ng family niya which is the family of her childhood friend, napaka yaman din nila. long story short, theres shows up this guy, her childhood friend, mabuti namang itong tao, may girlfriend rin at 2 years na sila, that reason i didnt consider him as a threat to our relationship. nag aaral pa ako ng mga araw na yon. we even hang out sometimes, kami ng girlfriend ko kasama sya, at ang girlfriend nya, pati na rin ang iba naming mga kaibigan. one night we got in a huge fight, because i couldnt hang with them more often anymore, she threathened me na baka di ko na daw sya makita, i thought she was over rea...

To The Man Who Can't Be Named

Submitted by on March 20, 2017 (6 months ago)
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To The Man Who Can't Be Named

I wonder how it is possible,
To feel something for someone
You barely know
I can't explain this feeling,
Could it be true?

Maybe it is the way how you tease me
That always make my knees weak
Or its the way you say Hi
That never fail to make me feel high

I just wish you mean it
Everytime you show affection
I know, I might not seem your type
But here I am, can't you give it a try?...

POLL: Katawan o Performance?

Submitted by on January 24, 2017 (7 months ago)
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Hello there, beshie! Dahil bored ako at hindi ko matanggap na pinagpalit ako ng bet ko sa isang mukhang famewhore na tilapia (bitter ako), magpapasurvey nalang ako. 

Ano ba talaga ang mas preferred ng mga kalalakihan: babaeng seksi na tuod sa kama o babaeng malaman pero performer? 

Sorry ha. Kasi nakakainis na. Most of the time, lagi nalang ako nadadali e. Kailangan ko lang naman ng sagot. Hahaha. PS: Wag akong tanungin kung tuod ako, beh. Baka ikaw matuyot sakin. Chos!...

Treasury of Love

Submitted by on October 29, 2016 (10 months ago)
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Within this box of gold I send
The love i feel that has no end
All the gifts that your heart gave
Treasures here will now be saved

To thank you seems so small to say
For all the love that came our way
My sister's life was filled care
Each one of you her breath of air

Your words of love and time you gave
Will live as cherished golden waves
That falls upon our hearts with peace
This the gift you have released

The winds of time that carry on
Each day begins a brand new dawn
With strangers who are now our friends
With special love each heart now blends

Within this box the love of all
Upon our life will always fall
On days in life when we are blue
We'll think of all the joy we knew

So take this gift from all our hearts
Your treasures stay and never part
Wrapped in silk and pretty bow
Each day this box will always glow

The rose a tribute to your gift
Each petal soft will always lift
Friends not strangers always there
This gift of life beyond compare...

When My Cock Got Stuck

Submitted by on April 10, 2016 (1 year ago)
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When My Cock Got StuckA wickd.witz nonsense © ™ ®
March 11, 2016 | All Rights Reversed !

Was too damn dazed one night in the dark, my kidneys rumbled
Blundered and fumbled I nearly stumbled
In a dimmed alley I hurried as fast as my legs can carry
For I know all this will burst if I don't hurry.

Stepped on a cat, what a nuisance a fellow was that
For I nearly hurt myself when I slipped and fell on my butt
I peed a little and I laughed as if tickled
For I soiled myself as I felt the drops trickled.

Where that little menace went, though for a moment tranced
Stood up to regain my balance, that fall shook me up
Dizziness from earlier's drink, sets in and the surroundings danced
Braced for grasp and let out a gasp as to the ground again I dropped.

Surely now, I regained my footing, I'm so wasted who am I kidding
I laughed and continued my luck in this unlikely alley
Unzipped my zippers, let out my cock, boy I'm so out of luck !
Relieved myself but would you believe as I zipped back my cock got stuck!...


Submitted by on March 11, 2016 (1 year ago)
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Everyday I look into a mirror
To see how I look
Is it by the book?
Have I worn my armor well?

I check my hair
Not a piece out of place
Just like everyday

I check my smile
But today's bit weird
Something's off
Unlike other days

I took a long look
At the visage in front of me
Looking at me
Looking through me

And I noticed the oddity
It was a crack
A crack on my mask
Just a little bit

Barely noticeable
Yet oddly unsettling
That this mask I've worn for long
Is now slowy crumbling

I haven't noticed
I almost slipped
I removed my mask
And now I see

A face I haven't seen
For a long time now
It changed for a bit
But still the same somehow

I can't bear to look
At my own reflection
For all I see is a man
Falling apart, almost broken

I don a new mask
And there's the familiar sight
And off I go to this crazy world
To face an insane fight...

Something From The Heart

Submitted by on January 23, 2016 (1 year ago)
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Something From The Heart
( A poem written for and inspired by a love that's lost)


It's hard for you to be with me.
If you'd agree, just let it be.
We'll follow each, our destiny.
The world is young, as you can see.

If you and I were meant to be,
The vastness of the land and sea,
The distance or melancholy,
Is not a hindrance, you'll soon see.

It's hard for me, I understand;
And hope is like a grain of sand.
When life is cruel and all seems hell,
I'd think of you and all is well.

So give me something from the heart.
A simple thing you can impart…
An ancient coin, an aged stamp,
Or book-dried rose once red and plump.

The pain inside may feel so huge,
And tears may be my last refuge.
What is done, can't be undone.
A loved one lost..  the one he won.

Although I urged you to be glad,
It seems absurd, but I'd be sad.
The loneliness within my heart,
Would manifest when we're apart.

So give me something from the heart.
A simple thing you can impart…
A lovely poem to tease those tears;
In the sunset of my lonesome years.

For even though this heart's been taken,
And doomed me half a dozen children;
A love that may, in time forgotten,
Would still live through and never ashen..

So give me s...

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