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Submitted by on September 10, 2014 (3 years ago)
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At first it was a beautiful scene,

Then I saw something I haven't seen-

I slowly moved away from it,

But it saw my fear from where it sit.

Now I started to move and run-

Then I heard it say "hey! you're no fun!"

I looked back and saw it walking,

I ran faster "where am I going?"

Then I felt something beside me-

It said "You can't run away from me."...


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I work in Makati, my family lives in San Pedro, Laguna, a municipality in the south which is around 37km from where I work. For several reasons, previous family situations, toll fee rate, gas price, it was necessary that I rent a place near my office. This means that I only come home on weekends.

So for four months now I’ve been on this arrangement…go home to my wife and kids on weekends and spend the nights on weekdays in my rented 5 sqm room. Its cozy, a small single bed neatly hugging one corner of the room. I have an electric fan at the foot of my bed, firmly locked at the base, by the wall and one bed foot, almost immovable. A water heater for my hot water for coffee in the morning, placed just beside the door and always half filled with water, two coffee mugs on top of a clean rag just beside the fan base, a medium sized plastic pail on one corner of the room for my dirty clothes. My clean clothes hung around the room, my cellphones always plugged to the charger before I go to sleep. I would like to go on describing my rented room, but I guess you have an idea by now.

Then it happened one night, and it’s not a sex story.

For reasons I still can’t explain now, I found myself in a dimly lit huge hall. Dim lights, coming from the ceiling corners, barely illuminating what is inside the room. Even then, I can still clearly see a long table in the middle of the room, around 2 meters in width, the length of which I cannot th...