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Submitted by on December 29, 2015 (2 years ago)
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And I'll be blank with all those lights, Shining down right through my eyes, 
It tastes like Heaven but it feels like home. 
And when you're down into the riot, 
Will you tell me if you're gone? 

Coz I can't take this anymore. 
The Sun is red while it's dark, 
but you just stood there and drowned out the spark, 
So i'll light up every room for taste. 

The feelings that we hide, 
Everytime our lips collide, 
Well I don't know If I should hold your waist. 
Coz baby your wrist are as red, 
like the blood on our bed. 

Well you can't leave me now to stay alive. 
So i'll start a song and dance with you tonight, 
As we swing in circles under neon lights, 
We'll punch the gates of Hell, 
Open our eyes and we yell, 
That you fucking love me even though we're gone. 

Coz i'd kiss you, 
Even if you are dead, 
Well I don't care anymore, 
fuck this warm alcohol, 
All I wanna do is just go home, 
to your grave....

Till Death To Us Part (necrophilia)

Submitted by on October 19, 2015 (2 years ago)
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The story i have written is a Necrophilia Story. This is my October gift to FSS and to myself. please be advise copying or reproducing this said story is not a good idea. Rosanna will hunt you every waking minute of your life. thank you..

I have been madly in love with my Rosanna for years not a day goes by I did not want to see her face every morning.  I have been married to my wife for 10 years and not a day goes by looking at her hazel eyes makes me the happiest man alive. She stands around 5’4 a little chubby but her smile makes me melt every single time I see it.

She was my life in this dead world, I was her embalmer and she was my amazing mortician. We both work hand in hand everyday to prepare the bodies to be viewed by love ones. I clean and disinfect bodies while she prepares them to be viewed in public. This was our simple life for 10 years until today.

We went through our daily life normally today we ate our simple breakfast of Pandesal and Coffee before we started working in our funeral parlor. I was draining the fluids of our client Mr. Santos when I heard my wife screaming in pain. I rushed to her side to check what has happened to her. As I held her in my arms checking her vitals and telling myself this cannot be she is to young to die from a heart attack.

She was dead instantly, I did not have the chance to say my good bye and tell her how much I love her.

“I love you my Rosanna” as tears fell down...