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Are you going to be Naughty or Nice?

Submitted by on September 1, 2014 (3 years ago)
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Are you going to be Naughty or Nice?Hello mga ka – FSS it’s “BER” Months na!

Most of us are excited lalo na sa Christmas season, though 4 months pa bago natin makuha ang mga pinakakaasam natin like the bonuses from work, holidays, vacation, gifts etc…. Speaking of gifts, ano nga ba ang gusto natin at pinakakaasam-asam na regalo na matatagap.

It’s time of gift giving a time of share and time to forgive….  Pero ano nga ba tinitibok ng puson este puso nyo na para sa regaling ito. Who knows someone from here sa FSS mag ala Santa Clause (wink).

But are you going to be Naughty or Nice to have this kind of gift and what would it be?...