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I was the kind of guy that was open to exploring things that others may find

explicit. I hated dealing with people's stupidity and I was often sarcastic.

But a lot of people said I was fun to be with, that I was approachable, a

good friend and adviser. I really strived to be happy 'cause I believed that

the only way of dealing with this world is to be absolutely happy that my

very existence would be an act of rebellion.

I really wanted to be a good cook. It was always my favorite hobby to cook.

And no doubt, I wanted to ensure that the world would never go hungry.

I was like a guy whose life had all the gravitational pull of a celestial

body. I was love, mischief and pranks. I adored my family and everyone who's

close to me with every fiber of my being.

But I am more than all of that.

Mom, you were so annoyed at me every time I used to put my earphones on full

volume so I can't hear you nagging at me. But mom, I love you so much. I am

thankful for everything you did. I may not always tell you but I really am.

You are the best mom ever.

Dad, I'll see you later. Wait for me. We have a lot of catching up to do. I

love you!

I'd like my family to know that I love them. My parents are the most awesome

parents ever even if they keep on naggin...