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lucky sucker

You are a lucky shit, you are,
and what you are getting at, so far?
look, if your mom and dad by chance, did not meet,
you can't be reading this, you get?

so they did meet, and went to their budding,
but what if it was accident they're actually heading?
you'd be like a semen, musterbated, doomed,
never got a chance, never a shot to the womb.

so, you're bit lucky being shot within,
you swam fast, but better swimmers easily came in,
you didn't even made it past the cervix, you're wait listed,
kept hanging helplessly, then burned by the canal's acid.

but no, obviously, like me you're lucky,
and you take it for granted, like 'twas funny,
we're just stalled like, for nine months,
but we both came out alive, milk sucker!!!

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