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Random Thoughts About Love

Submitted by on December 26, 2015 (2 years ago)
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Since I had plenty of time to kill, I travelled to SG by bus ... along the way, i thought I almost made sense out of nothing. So I wrote it down so I can see it clearly.

If you want someone so much,
Sooner or later you want him to want you in the same intensity.

You longed for him to care deeply about you, you want him to be as expressive as you
but they always come short for they arent you

the moment that you knew he isnt the one
you build walls, so he will just leave on his own.

the search for love is like a matching puzzle.
you try to flip the cards to reveal what's inside

then sometimes you just let them pass you by
coz the packaging is not quite right that you dont even bother to give them a second glance

then suddenly one card stood out, inviting you to give it a try and you did.
you were stuck with it for a while coz you wanted to make it work even if it is so obvious that you are red and he is black.

to be with the wrong card is sad.
it gets lonelier even when he is just beside you and it pains him too cause you are just not giving him the right affection he deserves

so singing few tunes like 'i wish i could be the one.. the one who could give you love' in your mind you are letting the card go.
it gets messy sometimes coz he is comfortable with you.

to search for another card seemed like going into the wild.
the funn...