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They Get Better as They Age?

Submitted by on December 7, 2015 (2 years ago)
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Hi everyone, this is my first post. Have been visiting this site for a while now and i actually like reading these hot steamy stories... mostly true stories. thanks for entertaining me here guys. well i plan to write some of my own as well... i guess i'll start with this confession. I'd like to get your views on this.

Before anything else, i'd like to introduce myself first. I'm chinito, light-skinned, medium built (used to go to the gym regularly- USED to is the key word. haha) and 5'10 in height. Well i should say i am a little good-looking (that's what my mom said) and 30yo by the way.

I wanted to share with everyone this: i grew up having crush on older women, be it in grade school or high school. In fact i seldom got attracted to younger women. Most of my gfs are older (well mostly a few months back in school to a few years while in college and after college). at first i thought maybe i like girls who are in their 25-30 age bracket since they are in their prime. i mean their bodies are in their prime. However, recently it just occurred to me that i'm 30yo already and im not looking for girls who are 25-30. Well, not really not looking cause i'd still grab the opportunity if she's younger and goodlooking and hot but i think i find myself more excited with girls who are older (30-35 or maybe even up to 40). I usually tell myself that i'd do someone who's +/- 10 years of my age, and come to think of it i'...