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Xun Shuo (One Month)

Submitted by on August 27, 2014 (2 years ago)
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Xun Shuo (One Month)This blog contains commentary on everyday life and love realities, as well as psychosexual/psychosocial issues, and practically everything there is that piques the author's curiosity.

  Over a month ago, a little girl was wandering around the village. One gloomy night, she came across a beautiful playground. She was enticed by some of the things she saw there. She tried to get in but then she found out that it is the kind of playground which only caters exclusive members. Guests were just given the privilege to enjoy a few of the things that the playground could offer. The little girl wanted to become an exclusive member. Good thing is that she was allowed to become one.

   The little girl encountered quite a number of complications in her efforts to enter the playground. She did her very best to get in and luckily, she got a confirmation from the playground administrator that she can enter and that with just a few more steps, she can fully enjoy the perks of being an exclusive member.

   She enjoyed everything there is that the playground has. One night, the little girl asked herself, “What if I contribute something to the playground for my playmates to enjoy?” With that realization, the little girl decided to showcase some of her doodles and sketches at the heart of the playground. She told her playmates to freely express their thoughts and opinions about her work. She was overwhelmed because they were so n...


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Five months and counting..
I started as a reader, then a lurker, then a chatter then started writing and now I am a complete package I think haha. It’s been a great five months, I guess I got drawn into what the site has to offer, discovering more of the sensuality of a person and building friendships and more.
Created friendships with three (3) wonderful men that’s built on mutual respect and knowing na walang halayan na mangyayari ever haha. Bonded with fabulous and head strong women, mga maton/’bully’ kung tawagin, laughing at our own imperfections. And simply enjoying the virtual life. And at some point broke my heart from an online relationship.. Meron na din akong mga krases hahaha
Pag hindi nasasapian sa maton self ko, I am comfortable in my little corner, reading stories or reading what’s happening in the main room and just quiet.
Looking forward to writing more, getting to know people as well ang dami ko pang gustong makilala ng lubusan dito kaso nga naunahan ako ng hiya.. and to be more in touch pa with my own sensuality (hhmmmm).
Thank you FSS. Cheers!...