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Love Chemicals at Work

Submitted by on April 26, 2014 (4 years ago)
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Now I noticed that I am more in control of my feelings. Before, it was so easy for me to fall hopelessly in love that I look stupid infront a guy. I was easy to read and uhmmm so easy.

This time, I felt that my mind has matured. When I agreed to work for a short-time in Viet Nam, I was all set to be serious and just be career-focused. Wala naman distractions kasi ang pa-payat ng mga lalaki (at na tu-turn off ako pag naiisip ko kung gaano din kapayat yon).

The local ladies are also thin. Beside a Vietnamese girl I look more on the voluptuous side. Everytime my friend, a Vietnamese, and I go out for lunch, all I can say is that I am now at the receiving end of men’s ogles. Hey, what happened! Magpunta sila sa Pilipinas dami magaganda doon.

Just recently, due to the demand our work, I met new people to work with. One of then is Nhan, a local Vietnamese guy. He was just different from all other guys. He is tall, nice eyes, good body too. He is really hot! Since he is new, and leading his own team, he has to discuss some topics with me.

So, it was just us in our little corner. Discussing for a long time! I actually have my own tasks. But we discussed for 3 long hours. Little did I know that a very important collegue was waiting for Nhan’s time. That colleague remarked ‘Hey Nhan, just because she is pretty and beautiful you spend all your time with her. What about us?’

Nhan just blushed that I have to smile secretly....