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Boyfriend for a Night - His Fear and Realization

Submitted by on July 27, 2014 (3 years ago)
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Despite how my world collapses around me and her hand is my only salvation,
Still I choose not to reach out; for I will not be pulled out of it, lest I shall drag her in.
She deserves all of me –not what’s left of me…

June 27, 2014

Pasado alas kwatro ng hapon, Biyernes, nang matagpuan ko ang sariling kong nakatanaw sa itinakdang lugar ng aming pagkikita. Isang maliit na gusali sa pusod ng Makati na ayon sa driver ay mahigit dalawang dekada nang nagsisilbing panandaan ng lungsod. Di hamak na mas maliit pa nga raw ito noong una itong maitatag ngunit dahil sa isinagawang renovation, naging mas malawak at mas bago ang gusaling kasalukuyan kong sinisipat mula sa bintana ng taxi.

"Pero mas maliit pa rin yan kaysa sa Glorietta" kontra ni manong sa nauna nitong salysay. "Mas maganda nga kung doon na lang kayo magkikita. Supermarket lang talaga yan."

Sige na manong ikaw na maki pag date…

"Ah, Nong, na ji-jingle na kasi ako kanina pa, saan ba entrance?" tanong ko.

"Pwede dyan. Kaso tatawid ka pa. Pwede rin naman doon sa main entrance sa kabila; iikot lang tayo."

"Ikot nyo na lang, Nong."

Lumiko ang taxi sa daang papasok sa tapat ng entrance ng mini-mall. Dito, bahagya kong nakita ang pangalan ng lugar. Hindi ko alam kung totoo ba talaga ang sin...

Midnight Opera

Submitted by on July 18, 2014 (3 years ago)
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He's kept his silence while she struggled to insist
"Say something!" he heard but bound to resist
Amidst the lingering mute he finally dared
With unshaken faith he whispered "I'm too lost, too scared..."

Far from being heard he kept his murmur
While she stayed unaltered she waits for an answer
"Its not a good time" she sobbed through her shoulder
Holding her ground, still she will not falter.

"I love you too much," then a fist to the temple
She's everything he wanted, his sweet little angel.
Yet he whips her with words and condemns her with silence
"Say sorry you fool!" he's at war with his conscience.

As the clock trudged to one, he clenches a fist.
He has paid for his fear what he didn't to exist
She's his reason to live now, his new life story.
And he wouldn't wait for morn to say how much he's sorry.

Now she's long been in slumber, and his promise has bled.
He'll walk through their door and sit on their bed.
"Forgive me..." he'll kiss her, wipe the tears off her face.
"I love you, Dear..." he'll whisper "...til the end of my days."



Submitted by on July 5, 2014 (3 years ago)
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Remember the days, when you can't fall asleep.
You need nothing but brace, you had nothing to weep.
Their baffle-stilled eyes, sons of defeat.
They breathe through lies, their cloak of deceit.

She broke a thousand men, waged a hundred wars.
The grandeur of a queen, who ruled through her scars.
Endured the deepest wounds, braved the gravest sea.
What favor of the gods have I done, to take hold of thee?

I, a slave, they branded, thy fate has enthralled.
To make night into day, for past to be recalled.
With a worn and bloodied sheath, I knelt upon her.
Vowed to be her knight, from this day on and thereafter...