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Mind Playing Tricks On Me

Submitted by on January 7, 2018 (5 months ago)
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It is difficult not to believe what your mind says when you are horny. It's like you are a completely different person.

There are times that you want to drop everything else and be fucked - either with a partner or just your fingers and/or toy/s I when you don't have a partner. When playing alone, the feeling can be so intense that you get lost in the moment and be as fierce as if the action of your finger or toy mimics that of the fast in-out movement of a penis or tongue in your dripping cunt that you don't even realize that you gave attention to both your clit and wanting hole.

What make me stop from this intense scenario is the time I reach my peak and cry out a certain name. One that my mind has been longing to fuck me I guess. Be it someone from the past or just a textmate/chatmate, the intensity stops when you realize you are alone and not with him. Palm wet and sticky with cum - and sometimes bed covers too - you stop.

You shout at your mind.
Stop it!
It's not love.
It's just lust.

The playing stops.
But the horniness lingers.
Actually it stays longer because it was not fully satisfied.
Or its just fades away in a few days due to hormonal changes.

Yes, you guessed right.
This just happened a few minutes earlier.
Leaving me more frustrated than ever.

Ladies have you been through this too?
I am completely normal right?...