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A Letter To Ex

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One last look . . .

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One last look . . .***mawv 5:02am 101114
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My mobile phone kept on beeping while I was about to sleep .. When I looked at it, I saw my bestfriends several messages. One of them that stood out was a message that said, "check your FB, I sent you a message .." ..
So I did, thinking that it might be extremely important or else, she wouldn't even bother sending me messages at 4am!!
Typical reaction of a woman who would have read her bestfriend's message would have been that of elation.
But when I  saw what she sent, I felt sadness and mused over the fact, that not so long ago, I too was in that situation.
My bestfriend - - knowing that I do not check my Euro ex's FB & his "present" lovelife, - -was very "obliging" enough to share what she found out from his "current" girl.

"I just want a man who will love me more than i love my self...
Honest, loyal and respect me,
Nothing else..."

And what she found out from my ex's relationship status was - - - single . . .

I wrote her back and said to her that I appreciated her gesture and her good intentions. But reminded her that when I let him go, I also let go of my emotions that came with him ... In fact, it was almost 4 years overdue ...