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my wife's experiences

Submitted by on June 24, 2014 (3 years ago)
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My wife and I keep an eye out for good oportunities to get a guy to fuck her. A few months ago we heard of a woman going to a lawyer for personal reasons and when she explained that she had no money, he offered to use her for sex in exchange for his time. well, we noted that and later e discussed how we could find out who it was and maybe se if my wife could turn him onto her. She found out who and we planned a visit ti see how it would go, Wow. she wore a small red mini shirt and black thong. His eyes lit up when she came into his office and he put her in a chair. she talked about some issues we had and made small talk as he checked her over with his eyes. She knew he was horny for her and she pulled her chair up close to his desk so they could talk. her legs were moving and secretly letting him get a good look at her panties and thighs. They started talking sex and she let him know she was a hot wife (shared wife) and that her hubby liked her being used for sex by other men discretely. the door to his office has a swinging part that you can see under, so they couldn't do much. others outside the office could see under the door. So he stood up and they moved closer to the wall near the door and he reached around her feeling her tits and running his hands down into her panties front and back. He started fingering her cunt with one hand as his other finger worked up her asshole. He finger fucked her holes like this as she kept an eye out for anyone coming. She said she loved i...