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MILF Bulacañea II

Submitted by on February 22, 2013 (5 years ago)
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..... when we entered the room, I could not resist her. I kiss her in the forehead then i undressed her upper garments. There is saw her boobs. Nanggil ako and I suck her nipples like there is no tomorrow. For a few minutes, I suck it like i want to have milk to come out from it. She is already moaning holding my head. After im done sucking her boobs, I kiss her, tonque to tonque. I unbutton her pants and remove it including the panty. Sobrang libog na ako that time that my hand is shaking with excitement. Banging a woman years older than me is a challenge. And now that challenge is already here laying in front of me naked.

I never hesitate to eat her pussy like I'm eating seashells. All i heard from her is moan, sign that licking her pussy is highly appreciated. I eat for so many minutes and I taste the juices coming out. I got nervous also because her moan is like grasping for air. Thats why I stopped and asked, "Are you okay"? She replied, "I'm fine".

When i already lick all the juices from her pussy, I whisper that we must go to bed to continue what were doing. And the moment she lay down in bed, I ask he permission if I can fuck her pussy. She said go ahead. I entered her slowly. I heard her moan again.

I fuck her like there is tomorrow, banging like I'm chase by a rabid dogs. All I heard is moan in the room. I told myself this is the best fuck ever. I saw her eyes turning "chinky" and her mouth...

MILF Bulacañea

Submitted by on February 22, 2013 (5 years ago)
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I met her in one of the SN sites in the internet. I never thougt she is that hot in bed. .. I too work also for another government agency.

By the way, you can call me Gabriel (not my real name). 5'9, 34 and Law Graduate from a reputable school. The woman in the story, her name is Winnie (not her real name to protect her identity). Her height is 5'0 , 40 years old and a single mom with one kid. She is chubby and morena. It started as a regular conversation regarding life, family and profession. She is working for a government agency-regional office. We shared "problems" and I asked her why she is a single mom and where is the "estranged husband" in one of our conversations, I asked her where is her hubby? She replied "sumakaliwang bahay na". Right there, I pity her plight. I replied back, I hope I can lighten your burdens. She is said its ok and you already did by listening to my problems. I said "your welcome.

And suddenly, she suggested if we could met. I said sure. I asked her what place is favorable to you. She replied, " Kaw na bahala". Because she is near Monumento, I replied back, "How about Monumento. She replied back, "thats fine by me". And so we decide the day and hour of our meeting. I even forwarded her that I'm not handsome and good-looking. I'm just an ordinary guy you saw in the streets. She replied, "its ok".

And so the day came, we met in one...