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A Mistress Life….(with erotic version)

Submitted by on July 5, 2014 (3 years ago)
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I wrote this several years back and  this one is included  in my book sold by amazon..... but since it is for general patronage no erotic scenes were included...inspired to write again for FSS....i added an erotic version....a slight one though...

Know what a broken destiny is?
It’s when two people love each other but
For some reasons they can’t be together.
It may be because of it’s a forbidden love..
That’s broken destiny…
…..loving someone who can never be yours..

This was the message sent to her by a friend thru text. She sighed. She wanted to just shrug it off and continue writing, but her thoughts were no longer apt to what she’s doing. Memories she tried to bury came back. It was just last night when they had a heart to heart talk. Now its clearer, her questions finally answered.

Four months ago, somebody played a trick on both of them. Exchanged their numbers and there it all started. He would call each night; they would talk for hours until they both realized it’s already day time. They enjoyed each other’s chit-chat , being from the same place, they met. She’s astonished. He’s the man she’s had a crush on ever since she was young…..

He is older…..married…..she’s younger……alone