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I forgot who invited me to this site, but a big thank you to you!  I've been enjoying the stories here.  Suffice it to say that I should repay the hospitality with a story of my own; well, I already posted this on a couple of sites as well as in my own private blog, but I hope you'll enjoy it. --ppinoy

(A reader asked me to put her experience in story form, so after several interview sessions I finally got the gist of her story, and with a few embellishments here it is. Names have been modified as per her request. She hopes you enjoy reading it as much as she did. – author)

I’m Yna, and I guess I’m what you might call a spoiled brat. Being the youngest has its perks, and early on I’ve learned how to make dad, mom and older brother Nic do my bidding – well, mom to a certain degree, but she always gets outvoted by the other two, so I get my way in the end, most of the time.

We’re kinda well-to-do, but not filthy rich. My dad works hard enough at being a doctor to send my brother and I to the best schools. My mom’s family is even richer, being pure Chinese. It’s often a wonder how dad was able to win mom’s parents over while they were still going steady, but I’m glad they got together.

I didn’t want for anything growing up. I never had to commute going to and from school, played with the best toys, had the best birthday parties. I’ve seen most of Europe, the United States, Asia, and even Russia by the...