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An old story of mine (I posted this in the old PL site)

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Bago pa mauso ng husto ang YM at iba pang chat clients, meron ng iba’t ibang chats na lumabas. isa na rito ang chat sa globe, being the first to introduce SMS into the market, they also introduced GLOBE CHAT. I’m one of the people who tried this chatroom. That time, most of the subscribers (di pa uso ang prepaid nun) were either professionals or housewife ng professionals or sabihin na nating may  pera. I don’t really know how I started fantasizing about married women. That time, I am already married too. Siguro, one of the reasons was that kahit ano mangyari, hindi maghahabol basta basta ang married woman. Well, maybe…

After so many attempts, I got to know a lot of ladies, but mostly single, and once I learned that the girl is still single, I would try my best to get away from her. I would make up excuses not to meet up. Then one time, I met someone who just got married. Her description, voluptous body, blue shaded eyes, hot, and always horny. So after a few exchanges of messages, we agreed to call each other. She asked for my number and she immediately called up. Upon hearing each others voice, she asked me if I knew how to have SOP. “Let’s try”, I told her. I asked her where she was at that time, what she was wearing. She explained that she was on their bedroom, lying naked on their bed. “WHOOAHH! Nice! I like that”.  Then she said, “What about  you?” I told her, “Im in the bathr...