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Give Me Closure Please

Submitted by on March 23, 2017 (4 months ago)
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We were best friends like forever.
We were almost inseparable.
We do things together always.
We share a lot of things others find disturbing for a girl and boy claiming to be just friends.
We know each other's secrets even all our crushes and puppy loves.
We share even our enemies.
If someone dares you for a fight, that person needs to win against me first and vice versa.
We were Bert and Ernie of Sesame Street, Batman and Robin, Puto and Dinuguan.
That's how compatible are chemistry is! Or was as it seems.
Everyone and anyone can't imagine one without the other.
So why?
Why did you change so much?
What's with having a girlfriend made you decide to forget that you have a best friend?
I know that what is between you is on a different level that what we shared in the past.
But should it really cost my lack of invite from your wedding? And every event there after?
Can't I still be your best friend even if you are already married?
Have I done something to merit this?

Fuck you!
Didn't you know I loved you too?
Yes, I did laugh at the three attempts of you courting me.
But my dear friend, we were just kids then.
You said you'd still wait until we graduate and finish our beloved courses.
And that we'd be best friends until then.
Then we would be lovers.
Where are you now?
You got married.
You had kids.
You migra...

Too Late to Apologize

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It's two in the morning, I stirred when I heard his car tires screeched on the pavement followed by a loud honking sound of his car horns. The guard hurriedly opened the gates and a few minutes later, I heard the engines of his car died down. I heard him cursing on top of his lungs at the guard telling him how slow he was. The guard assisted him still as he alighted his car.

A few minutes later, I heard scruffling footsteps outside our bedroom door. It was our maid who hurriedly opened the door for him. I stood up and wrapped myself into a silk robe that he got me as a present from his last trip in China. "Only the finest silk for the finest woman" he said, as he handed me the package. It felt good as it touched my skin, but no finest silk could ever replace the warmth of your touch as you caressed my bare body. When was the last time I felt his touch?

I opened our bedroom door and the guard brought him inside. Before he reached our bed, the threw up and a disgusting spluttering sound hit our wooden parquet floor. "I will ask the maid to clean this for you, Ma'am." Our guard said apologetically. "No, leave it be. I'll clean it myself later. Thank you." He settled my husband on our bed and he immediately walked out of our door, closing it behind him.

I went inside the bathroom to get the stainless steel basin that has been a part of our bathroom accessories ever since he started the habit of drinking everyday. I turned on the tap and fill...


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Rice dealer ang mag-asawang Ben at Liza Uy sa bayan ng Cavite.Kahit parehong dayuhan ay nahasa na ang dalawa sa pagsasalita ng wikang Filipino,bagay na lubos nilang napakinabangan sa pagpapalago ng kanilang negosyo.

Nagmula silang dalawa sa Beijing,Tsina at napadpad dito sa Pilipinas taong 1998 upang makipagsapalaran para sa mas malayang pamumuhay.Bente anyos pa lamang si Liza nang sumama sa mister na si Ben,na noon naman ay nasa edad 30 na.Halos dalawang buwan lang silang kasal ng lumipad patungo sa tinatawag na Perlas ng Silangan.

Itinatawid dagat pa mula sa Calapan, Mindoro ang supply ng bigas na ibinebenta ng mga Uy sa Cavite.Mas mura at de kalidad na klase ng bigas na naging possible sa pamamagitan ng kaibigan nilang Filipino na si Romeo Torres,negosyante at dati rin namang magsasaka.

Sa isang unibersidad sa Quezon na nagkakilala ang mga Uy at si Torres matapos maging mag-kaklase sa isang short course sa Book Keeping.Simula sa tagpong iyon ay nagkaroon na silang tatlo ng friendly business at personal relationship.

9:00 PM.Sa opisina ng mga Uy sa kanilang bigasan.

Nagkalat pa sa mesa ni Ben ang mga resibo at listahan ng kinukwentang bayarin at singil ng biglang tumawag sa cellphone nito ang kaibihang si Romeo.

"Hello? Pare,kamusta?" kaagad na bungad ng tiga Mindoro.

Masayang tumugon naman si Ben na saglit binitiwan ang hawak na calculator.

now i know

Submitted by on April 9, 2014 (3 years ago)
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Matagal tagal din since yung huling confession ko and before ako mgsulat ngaun nbsa ko ung mga comment sa last confession ko.i just want to say thank you sa lahat ng ngaadvice and tama kau guys nid lng nmen mgcommunicate and mging open sa isat isa for now ok nmn kme and were really trying to be ok para sa aming pamilya.i think i find friends here im so happy n part ako nitong site n to dahil n prove ko n hndi lng kalibugan ang nandito may frienship n ma gagain right guys?
though minsan n out of place ako dahil feeling ko lahat ng nsa chatroom mgkakilala n end khit gusto ko mg enter n shy ako hihi but its ok.sana mas madame p kong mging freind dito though ung iba eh crash talk talaga sa pagcocoment haha.nice site guys.salamat....

PHL "not yet ready" to legalize same-sex marriage

Submitted by on May 14, 2012 (5 years ago)
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PHL "not yet ready" to legalize same-sex marriageLeaders of the House of Representatives on Sunday rejected the possibility of passing a measure to legalize same-sex marriage in the Philippines.

House Majority Leader Neptali Gonzales II said a law on gay marriage is not yet possible in the country, since Filipinos are “generally conservative.”

“I am of the opinion that at the moment, or even in the near future, it’s a no-no situation for same-sex marriage in the Philippines,” Gonzales said.

House Speaker Feliciano Belmonte Jr. agreed that Philippines is "not yet ready” to legislate same-sex marriage, adding that he himself will oppose such a law.

He added that he would rather preserve the definition of marriage under the Philippines’ Family Code (Republic Act 386 as amended by EO 209), which states that marriage can only be contracted between a male and a female.

He added that he would rather preserve the definition of marriage under the Philippines’ Family Code (Republic Act 386 as amended by EO 209), which states that marriage can only be contracted between a male and a female.

The House leaders made these statements after United States President Barack Obama publicly expressed his support for gay marriage, saying that all couples should be treated equally.

Obama, who is seeking reelection, said the decision to legalize same-sex marriage should be left to individual states.

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