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Di Ko Rin Akalain

Submitted by on October 29, 2015 (2 years ago)
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I love to share some of my experiences about first encounter because of the thrilling excitement it brought. Not knowing any background of a hot chick maintains the desire lustful. Chances are, getting to know deeper and for a long time would either lose my desire or worst they might get bored. It is another lost opportunity and add up to my list of frustrations.

We have different methods and mine, eye contact is a better communicator in catching a girl’s attention. Making an eye contact with them is the first move the followed by a polite and short conversation. After which, it is up for us to assess the situation. Look for indicators if a girl is reacting positively and willing to give in to a temptation. An old saying say, “Walang masama basta payag.”

This happened last year, 2014. I have an apartment somewhere in Pasig near in LRT2 Santolan. I am working in Makati then and am riding LRT2 and MRT to get there usually. I often leave in my apartment at 7 AM. Most of the time, beetween 6:45 ang 7:30 is considered rush hout. Students from different universities outnumbered LRT2 passengers in those time frame. As expected, LRT2 is jam-packed and it is giving most of the passengers an elbow room to move.

I admit that I do sometimes take the opportunity to groped hot chiks. Most of the time, my targets are students probably in their last year of college. It is a god-given nature maybe that man are naturally crazy in fantasizing girls in thei...


Submitted by on July 3, 2014 (3 years ago)
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pantasya ko ang...
magsuot ng ubod ng iksi at hapit na palda o bondage dress,
habang walang suot na bra at panty..
sumakay ng punong puno na mrt/lrt
dun sa train na may halong babae at lalaki..
tapos gigitgitin ako ng mga lalaki sa harap at likod ko..
tapos may mga tite na pilit kinakaskas sa gilid, sa harap at sa likod ng katawan ko..
ung mga tipong sinisiksik ako sa pwesto para lang maidikit sa katawan ko ung
mga malalaki at nagtitigasan nilang mga titi...
tapos may mga hindi makakatiis dahil sa sobrang libog..
gagapang ang kamay sa puwet ko.. lalamasin..
tapos may mga kamay na hahawak sa suso ko, lalamasin din..
at may kamay din na gagapang papaunta sa basang basa kong puke..
hahawakan ung tinggil ko.. lalaruin na maige.. hanggang basang basa at
namamaga ung tinggil ko.. at labasan ako ng paulit ulit dahil sa sarap...

un ang pantasya ko.. sa isang crowded train.. 
matupad kaya?