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Pantasya Erotika 2

Submitted by on November 11, 2016 (26 days ago)
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Pantasya Erotika 2Okay, sabihin na nating noon pa man may ibang mahal na si Chloe, pero hindi naman siguro makatarungan na patuloy pa rin nyang paasahin si Tyron. Dapat nga hindi na nya ito sinagot noong una pa lang. Masyado kasing nabilisan si Chloe sa mga pangyayari kaya ayun, naging pabara-bara sya sa kanyang pagdedesisyon.

Ang alam ni Tyron steady lang ang relasyon nila ni Chloe. Ang alam nya masaya ito sa piling nya, at ang buong akala nya nasusuklian ni Chloe ang bawat patak ng pag-ibig nya. Ang hindi nya alam naging panakip-butas lang sya ni Chloe sa pagkabigo nito sa tunay nyang minamahal.

"Happy 5th monthsary!"

Masayang masaya si Tyron noong binati nya si Chloe sa ikalimang buwan ng kanilang relasyon. Masaya din naman si Chloe, pero alam nya sa sarili nya na hindi buo ang kasiyahang nararamdaman nya.

"Happy m-monthsary din..." mahiya-hiyang tugon ni Chloe. Naiilang kasi sya, ayaw na ayaw nya ng ganito ka-korning usapan, baduy ang tingin nya sa ganitong monthsary drama.

Magkatabi silang nakaupo sa isang mahabang sofa sa loob ng apartment ni Tyron. Pareho pa silang naka-uniporme dahil halos kalalabas lang nila sa school. Si Chloe naka-full button na blouse at lousy na palda na kulay asul, habang si Tyron naka-white sando na lang, hinubad na kasi nya yung polo nya, at naka khaki pants.

Ganito lang nila kasimple dinaraos ang kada monthsary nila. Nasa apartment lang sila ni Tyr...

Breaking Soul

Submitted by on October 18, 2016 (1 month ago)
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He is sorry for the secret dates
At the park, at night, far from lights
His one hand on yours and phone on the other
His mom is asking for him to go home, he say
You smiled and asked "Are you gong now?"
He nod, said sweet words, and walks away
You sit for awhile and made sure no one saw
That you two are dating, secretly, unknown

Looking and smiling bitterly: couple hugging and kissing
You're now alone, his mom's waiting
The moon is shadowed by dark and heavy clouds
You cracked a smile and mumbled, "Do you hear my breaking soul?"
Funny when it's not your heart breaking
But a soul: bitter, aching, and tearing
You accepted whatever he can give
Because you think his the reason you live

Click, clock, click, clock. Her heels is ticking
People looking, smiling and greeting
To this beautiful lady who is walking
Again, you felt your soul breaking
Swallowed hard and felt like dying
"Will he love me more than this perfect lady?"

There and then, he passed and didn't bother to look your way
Happy to his sunshine today
You felt numb and kept your tears at bay
Your the moon covered with heavy and dark clouds
And she is the light that shines so bright
Clearly, he doesn't care if she shatters your life....


Submitted by on October 16, 2016 (1 month ago)
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Life is full of choices

You don’t have to listen to the voices

Hear your heart and you’ll find out

So enjoy everything all throughout.

Other people might judge you

Don’t be bothered and don’t argue

For they don’t know what you endure

So keep moving, and be the real you.

There is only one voice you should hear

It will tell you loud and clear

That everything about you is great

So believe and have little faith.

Your looks are your own

Someone will see the things about you

Who’ll love and won’t leave you alone

Look in the mirror and see who....


Submitted by on October 16, 2016 (1 month ago)
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(Music in the background: Out Of Reach by Gabrielle, Chasing Pavements by Adelle, Stay by Lisa Loeb, I Can’t Make You Love cover by Adelle, Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow, etc., etc.)

I think I have cried my eyes dry. Or so I thought. Lately, I have been feeling numb. I don’t know if it was the intensity of the emotions I feel or maybe I just don’t want to feel anymore so that when I have decided to say my goodbye, I won’t be affected as much. Yes, I am now torn into staying or letting go. And I think I have become attached to alcohol more than I would like to admit. I guess this is good so it will build up my tolerance for alcohol. And yes, it will also block any pain that comes my way.

It’s really heartbreaking to realize that I never truly had his heart as he claimed. Wherein I have come into terms with my past relationships and decided to move on, he hasn’t. And here I thought I was the one who helped him get through his darkest days, as he once told me. Unfortunately, I have come to realize that wasn’t so.

Yes, I love him but do you ever get that feeling that you also want to let go to make him happy? It's a risk I am not sure I am willing to make. Maybe not just yet. But I know you'd all say I should let go and move on.

I really want to talk to the girl. But I don't know if that would be a good idea. I hate her. There, I've said it. I hate her for making him feel this way, for not shutting up when she could h...


Submitted by on October 11, 2016 (1 month ago)
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If you are not yet ready and can't be constant with me, go away.
If you can't be crazy with me and I can't make you happy, turn away.
If you can't stand my jealousy, walk away.
If you can't handle me being clingy and doesn't miss me, break away.
If my voice can no longer get your attention, fly away.
If you can't find time for me and think I'm hard to deal with, be away.
If you can't listen to my dreams and dramas in life, run away.
If you don't see me having future with you and building a family, please stay away.
If you can still sleep knowing that I felt bad, move away.
If my tears will be just nothing to you and you can lie straight to my eyes, slip away.
If you can't love me rightly nor see me beyond what your eyes can see, be far far away....

To The One Who Owns My Heart

Submitted by on October 10, 2016 (1 month ago)
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To The One Who Owns My HeartI love you and you know that. I have loved no one as much as I love you. At this moment, I am not in my right mind as it is clouded by alcohol: alcohol that I have been taking since yesterday. I tried to take my life but I was such a coward. I felt the pain of the blade cutting my flesh and I couldn’t go through it. It hurt. Or maybe, I wasn’t drunk enough to not feel the pain.

Hey, don’t cry. I’m not worth it. I could never compare to your one great love who has resurfaced. She still is the one your heart cries and long for. As for me, what can I do? Though in appearance I am the prettiest among the girls you’ve had but your eyes find her prettier than me. Though I have been with you for the past years, yet your heart has remained true to her.

It’s such a sad reality when I realize your heart never truly belonged to me. All those years, those times when you professed your love for me, suddenly, all felt like a lie now. At this moment, I want to remove myself from the equation and leave you and her to continue what could have been, should have been and would have been. That’ll remove all the what if’s in your mind.

As for me, I’m not sure how I’ll do that but you know, I’m willing to help you. It’s weird that even if I am hurting, I still want to help you. Maybe I’ve finally realized what true love is all about. That even if you’re hurting, you would do your be...

My Bestfriend's Mom Part 4

Submitted by on October 9, 2016 (1 month ago)
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Here you go :D The last part, if you haven't seen the first three then go ahead, or better yet start all over again from part 1 eh?. Sorry it took so long, ang dami kasing nangyayari eh. Life caught up I guess xD Anyways, I hope you guys like it.

We kissed again, long, passionate. Wala na akong pakielam if she still had some of my cum in her mouth. After a few minutes of making out, my d*ck was rock hard again. Sabi niya, "Ang bilis Mark ah... buti naman" with a sexy grin. She tried to grab my d*ck but I stopped her. "It's my turn tita, hands up" as I was sitting. I reached for my shirt, and said "Tita diba sabi ko hands up?" She did what I wanted to do, I used my shirt to tie both of her hands to the head board. Hindi pa ako nag sisimula, napamura na siya, "Shit. Kunin mo yung towel bago ka mag simula." I then remembered that she can squirt. "Wag na tita, I want to savor your juice" I replied.

Now with both her hands tied, I took a moment to examine every inch of her. Not a single scar, uneven skin tone, or even just a hair maliban sa ulo at mukha niya. "You're even more beautiful and sexier up close tita... Mababaliw ako sayo" she didn't say a thing. Maybe a bit shocked about my revelation na parang winoworhsip ko yung katawan niyang may edad na but still flawless and sexy any part. First, I played with her t*ts, while my tongue started from her neck... then to her shoulders... to her arms. Sucking and leaving kiss marks as I go. Syempr...

I Just Do

Submitted by on October 7, 2016 (2 months ago)
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My 2nd poem :D a bit intruiging. Novice here.

I was yours. Truly yours,
Like a loving slave.

My heart, my soul,
And my pride I gave.

Sacfices I made.
All the things I've done.

Carry you on my back,
Through anything we'll run.

My life to shield you,
I'll take all the hit.

Yet it's all not enough,
As if not a single bit.

I made you happy,
You said you love me.

At the time, I was enough.
We knew what we'd be

Together, always.
Marriage and kids.

We wanted trees,
But only had seeds.

I was yours,
And you were mine.

Nothing would stop us,
Not even time.

But now, just like that.
All of it, gone.

Vows are void,
And can't be undone.

Don't take all of this,
As as a sign of my regret.

I did it because I love you.
Even now I still do.

Freedom, peace.
I'd still choose you.

Foolish, stupidity
And naivite

You left, I still follow.
You didn't stay.

Bleeding, aching.
With death right behind.

Facts, reality.
And acceptance I'm blind.

To keep my promise,
Even just one of the many.

What shall, and always be
All pure and true.

My everything, my life.
I love you.
Why? You might ask....

My Pain

Submitted by on September 28, 2016 (2 months ago)
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You are sick, but I am far
You need me, but I'm in war
I can't stay for too long
so please, be strong!

I am a warrior who fight for the land
at the same time, a man who loves someone
I love my country, so I fight
I love you, so I must sacrife

This is to protect each one of you
I leave my home just to defend you
My love died without me in her side
I hurts but i must stand to fight

For my country, for my duty
For the people entrusted in me
I cry, I sobbed alone
bear the deepest pain on my own......

Ysa at Adam: Birthday Sex

Submitted by on September 20, 2016 (2 months ago)
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Ysa at Adam - Ysa's Birthday Sex

Mula nang nagkitang muli sila Ysa at Adam ay halos linguhan na sila kung magkita. Lumalabas sila, nanonood ng sine, kumakain sa labas at kung ano pa man ang ginagawa ng normal na magkaibigan. Kahapon lamang nga ay magkasama nanaman sila. Nalasing si Adam at nagpasya si Ysa na sunduin na lamamg si Adam dahil sa pag aalala. Dumiretso sila sa apartment ni Ysa. Walang nangyari sa kanila. Gusto lamang ni Ysa ng kasama. Marahil ay nalulungkot dahil sa papalapit nanaman niyang kaarawan. Pilit man itanggi ni Ysa ay alam niya sa sariling unti unti nanamang bumabalik ang damdamin kay Adam na pilit na niyang kinalimutan. Umuwi din si Adam ng araw na iyon at nangakong babalik sa kanyang birthday.

Araw ng birthday ni Ysa. Halos maghapon na hindi nagparamdam si Adam. Nauna ng dumating ang ilan nilang kaibigan at nasabing hindi daw darating si Adam. Sadyang napikon nanaman si Ysa kay Adam. Gawain talagang inaasar ni Adam si Ysa dahil alam niyang pikon ito. Tila katuwaan na para kay Adam sa tuwing alam niyang maaasar si Ysa sa kanya. At lalo na't birthday pa niya.

Para kay Ysa. Ito na sana ang huli nilang pagkikita ni Adam. Nagpasya siyang iiwas na at tuluyang lalayo pagtapos ng kanyang birthday. Hindi na niya kayang itanggi na mahal padin nito si Adam. Kaya nagpasya syang lumayo na muna dito. Siguro ay kokontakin nalang niya uli si Adam pag sigurado na siyang wala na syang nararamdaman sa kanya. Laking gulat na lamang ni Ysa...

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