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Submitted by on January 3, 2016 (2 years ago)
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Matalik na magkaibigan si Ash at Bailey since high school and college. Nang mag-graduate sila, nag-decide si Ash mag-abroad para doon makipagsapalaran sa France.After a few years, he found a great job, and settled down with his French spouse Arlene. As for Bailey, Ash keeps in touch with her through social networking sites, at alam ng lalaki na maganda rin ang kanyang kalagayan ng kaibigan sa Pinas kasama ang kanyang asawa and presently settled down on the day Ash got married too kaya lalong tumibay ang friendship ng dalawa.

But as the saying goes, marriage is not a bed of roses. After three years, hindi pa rin magkaroon ng anak si Ash at Arlene kahit na wala namang nakitang diperensiya sa kanila and this has become an issue on the couple. Ironically, the situation is just the same with Bailey and her spouse Cary. After Ashley brought the issue up, Bailey videocalled him one day para kahit paano ay may mabawasan ang nararamdaman nilang problema.

“Alam mo naman ako I am willing to do anything basta maging masaya ang asawa ko. Pero we are now in our mid-30s, the chances na magkaroon siya ng baby ay very slim at this point. Ayaw naman niyang mag-ampon kami…” himutok ni Ash.

“I feel you friend. Ganyan din ang sentimiyento ni Cary ko. Ewan ko ba, hindi na naging simple ang mga buhay natin…why do things have to be complicated?”

Tumahimik lang si Ash nang ilang minuto when he suddenly blurted out:

“Bee, what if...

His Fantasy

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It all started with my husband's fantasy. Fantasy of seeing me being fuck by another guy and do threesome or MFM. When he informed me about his fantasy I was shocked and even got scared of him because maybe one day he will let me be raped by another guy.

The idea was totally not my type. For me it was taboo. I was so bothered by him. He's always reading sex confessions made by couples or by wives about the sexcapades they had. One day he was laying on bed beside me, holding an ipad and reading. He ask me a favor if he could read it out loud. Since the room is so quiet while I'm checking my FB account, I let him do what he want. I heard the story completely and clearly. I got curious that there are people doing such things like what my husband wants to try for me.

Out of curiousity, I researched on human sex fantasies and even read more sex stories and confessions. And found out that these kind of people really do exist, that there's a community and such a lifestyle. It took me a year to be convinced. And because the sex stories I've read were really intense when it comes to the details, I got more curious... How does it feel to do MFM? How does it looks on video if I was the one on it? How will my husband feel? Will it be hot? or will it be erotic? Then, I got this desire of making out with a black guy while he is watching. If it'll happen I want it to be with a black guy.

So, when he confronted me to try it, I was hesi...