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On Heartaches and Dark Secrets

Submitted by on May 23, 2015 (2 years ago)
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Whenever I am really broken I tend to do weird things, random things I wouldn't normally do when my heart is in good hands.

Ten years ago, the guy I was with for four years broke my heart when he sent me a simple text saying, "Sorry, may kasalanan ako sa 'yo." My instinctive reply was, "Ilang months na ang tiyan nya?" And his text came back with, "Manganganak na sya sa December." That was September and I was away on a job overseas.

Masakit. But then I knew, we both knew that was coming. It was just a matter of time. We were not meant to be together from the start anyway.

But with that heartache came a major turnaround in my life, I started to hate men. Hated them to the point that I allowed myself to have a relationship with a woman. Yes, I was with a woman, in her arms, in her bed for more than a year or two until I decided to go back home.

Did I love her? I thought I did but looking back, I know I didn't. I was just really pissed off with men in general that I wanted them out of my skin, for a while and was also curious how it was to have sex with a woman. Sex-wise, I could say we had our moments of wild dry-humping that led to a couple of mind-blowing release.

But oh well, nothing compares to making love with a guy, that I can assure you. So guys out there, don't start raising those dark eyebrows. You still have the upperhand as far as bed issues...