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Never Be Like You

Submitted by on May 8, 2017 (10 months ago)
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first time ko type ng story kaya pag pasensyahan sana, gusto ko lang i share ang part ng story ng buhay ko sa inyo, pasensya na din kung di maayos ang grammar at ang english, kung nag iexpect ka din ng sexual or erotic na story, then wala kang mababasa o mahahanap dito, hehe, so here what happend.

I once had girlfriend, beautiful, decent, understanding, and simple, shes all i ever wanted, she was all i ever wished for,i thought she was the one,id marry her at the time were dating if i could. her family is really rich, hindi kagaya sa amin na may kaya lang, and i gotta admit, her family doesnt like me that much, but i thought they got along since we dated for more than 7 years, but in the 7th year of our relationship, lots of things happened, sa year na yan kami nag hiwalay, at medyo na papadalas na ang aming pag aaway, dito din dumating  ang family na close na close ng family niya which is the family of her childhood friend, napaka yaman din nila. long story short, theres shows up this guy, her childhood friend, mabuti namang itong tao, may girlfriend rin at 2 years na sila, that reason i didnt consider him as a threat to our relationship. nag aaral pa ako ng mga araw na yon. we even hang out sometimes, kami ng girlfriend ko kasama sya, at ang girlfriend nya, pati na rin ang iba naming mga kaibigan. one night we got in a huge fight, because i couldnt hang with them more often anymore, she threathened me na baka di ko na daw sya makita, i thought she was over rea...


Submitted by on October 16, 2016 (1 year ago)
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Life is full of choices

You don’t have to listen to the voices

Hear your heart and you’ll find out

So enjoy everything all throughout.

Other people might judge you

Don’t be bothered and don’t argue

For they don’t know what you endure

So keep moving, and be the real you.

There is only one voice you should hear

It will tell you loud and clear

That everything about you is great

So believe and have little faith.

Your looks are your own

Someone will see the things about you

Who’ll love and won’t leave you alone

Look in the mirror and see who....

Life Is A Circus

Submitted by on June 7, 2016 (1 year ago)
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This blog serves as my respite from an  overdose of porn/erotic stories that resulted  only in numbing-- instead of spiking-- my libido.

 Sometimes, I think life is a circus and the world is just a big circus tent where we are all characters/actors playing  roles as varied as  our  personalities.

 Perhaps, life in an office or  in any small community of people,  would be  a perfect  microcosmic example of circus life.  To illustrate:

Comparative  Descriptions  of  Characters

The  Circus Barker

Bback in the old days,  the circus Barker stood just outside the tent  entrance. As  his name suggests, he barked at  people enjoining them to watch the show.  “Come one, come all, see the greatest show on earth”  was his standard line , delivered at the top of  his voice (the megaphone came later) and punctuated with hyperboles.  Always trying hard to get public attention.

In a many ways, the barker is  liken to a con man, a promoter of sham, a false advertiser. Remember those  fake cavemen, mermaids and the likes in the so-called “freak” shows.?

The  Office Barker

In the office, this person’s goal in life is to impress people in the office,  takes  all  opportunities to showcase his  overrated intelligence and capability . He is a talker.  His favorite topic:  himself

This  character is an absolute nuisance, an asshole , during a seminar. ...

Today's Youth. |3|

Submitted by on December 3, 2015 (2 years ago)
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DISCLAIMER: This story focus on social issues facing by today's youth. Sorry kung less erotic ang story na 'to. But I'm hoping na by this story ma- open up ung eyse natin about social issues na kinasasangkutan ng mga youth at paano nila 'to hinahandle.

Steph's POV
Kauuwi ko lang from school at mukhang wala nanaman si Daddy. Mas okay na rin siguro para makapag pahinga na ako. Kung nice lang ang Mom at hindi ginago daddy ko hindi magiging delubyo ang buhay ko.

I'm Stephanie Marquez, we're not rich but we're broke. Once upon a time we're rich and in just one snap we're now poor. My Dad is a lawyer BEFORE, he was a good lawyer. Loving and sweet father before, he gave everything to my Mom. Nakita ko paano niya minahal ang Mom ko pero my Mom is a whore! Pinag palit niya ang Dad ko to someone na mas mayaman. And after that my Dad turns out into the worst person in the world. Basag na basag ang Dad ko and really had a hard time to help himself to stand up again. He drinks a lot, he takes drugs and the worst thing tuwing nakikita nia ako naaalala nia ang mom ko sa akin...

One time I went home with my boyfriend.

ME: Dad si Lance po, boyfriend ko.
. And by that time I know my Dad is in under the influence of shabu.

DAD: You! Mister whoever you are! Umalis ka sa pamamahay ko! This is my house and I have rules! When I say leave, you must leave!!!
Me and Lance are about...

Today's Youth. |2|

Submitted by on December 3, 2015 (2 years ago)
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Jana's POV

Lumilipad nanaman ang utak ko. Sobrang sabaw ko today, gusto ko pa matulog pero shit! Full load ako today. Sobrang mali ang mga nakuha kong sched. My first class is kinda boring, salita pa rin siya ng salita at mukhang may mga sariling mundo na 'tong blockmates ko.

PROF: As in previous generations, the social issues facing today's youth can have significant effects on how these young people will eventually turn out as they reach adulthood.
Effects? Adulthood? What? Shit wlang pumapasok sa utak ko. 1 hour ng non stop na nagsasalita 'tong prof namin. 2 hours to go and I'm going to die!

Pero there's a phrase na hindi mawala sa isip ko habang nag didiscuss yung prof ko...

"The proliferation of this social issues is now have a solution within our environment itself."

Say what? Solution? Parang wala ng solution eh. Aminin na natin malala na ang mga kabataan ngayon and I totally disagree to my prof's phrase. I belong to that "YOUTH" and I am exposed to that social issues. Alcohol, drugs, sexual abuse and etc.. Been there and still enjoying. No regrets! I'm young and still exploring my environment. Wala ng solution dito. Even my parents can't solve that issue, even our President can't solve that. Just live your life without any regrets. Kung mamamatay man ako atleast masaya ako at na explore ko lahat. #YOLO sabi nga ni Dave.

PROF: Miss Santillian! Is there anything you want to share?

Today's Youth.

Submitted by on December 3, 2015 (2 years ago)
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DISCLAIMER: This is my first story that I wrote when I was in college, akala ko pang uno ang flow ng story ko yun pala pang dos lang. Hahaha. Pero sana magustuhan niyo. ENJOY!

Jana's POV..
Monday hits again! The usual, traffic everywhere. Monday madness, lalo na kung sa "Arneyow" o sa UP ka nag aaral. Ang lala ng traffic, pahirapan pa mag park. Btw, I'm Jana. Jana Santillian. Sophomore, Atenista, Psychology student. Normal na estudyante, hindi pa-sosyal at hindi din sosyal. Sakto lang kumbaga. Minsan nag ccommute minsan hinahatid ng driver. Tulad ngayon, nagpahatid ako sa driver namin kasi kung mag cocommute ako panigurado aabutin ako ng "Happy Foundation Day" sa daan sa lala ng traffic.

ME: Mang Isko wag nio na po ipasok yung kotse, dito na lang po ako sa gate 2 bababa. Maglalakad na lang po ako.

Itinabi ni Mang Isko ang kotse at agad akong bumaba. Mas gusto ko maglakad kasi mas na eenjoy ko ang scenery ng school. Lalo na ang matataas na puno sa may Rizal Library.

LEXI: "Jana!!!!!"

Napalingon ako sa likod ko at nakita ko si Lexi, isa sa mga kabarkada ko. Tumatakbo siya patungo sa akin. For sure mag kwekwento nanaman 'to sa isa sa mga naka sex niya o kaya naman sasabihin niya masakit ang kepyas niya o kaya naman may bago nanaman siyang boyfriend.

ME: Oh? Bakit?

LEXI: May kwekwento ako sayo!

ME: What? Is it about your new sexcapades o new boyfriend?

LEXI: Hahaha....

Not Barbie

Submitted by on October 31, 2014 (3 years ago)
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I am not Barbie
I'm not as pretty
But I have a beauty so exotic,
My friends treat me as almost angelic.

I am not Barbie
I'm not that sexy
But I have a figure so cool
That makes a lot of guys drool :-D

I am not Barbie
I don't have her Ken, baby
But I have a special someone
Who cares, and will never be gone.

I am not Barbie
No Raquel, the enemy
But a few people hates me
Perhaps due to insecurity and envy.

I am not Barbie
Not as perfect as she
I have my own way of showing
Wit, empathy and love in everything.

I am not Barbie
I will never ever be
Because I'm unique in every way
"No one is exactly like me," I say.

© 2014

All rights reserved. This poem or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express permission of the author by any means available.



Submitted by on September 30, 2014 (3 years ago)
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Kauna-unahang kong post bago ako mag-isang taon sa site...

Mula sa kawalan...may darating syo. Isang tao o pangyayari na di mo inaasahan
Maaring magdulot ng pagbabago sa buhay, maaring  sya ang sagot sa hanap mong kakulangan.
At dala marahil ng pag nananis mong mapunan sa iyong katauhan, mga kakulangan sa buhay na iyong nararamdaman. Nagpasya kang "sugalan" ang dumating syo na mula sa kawalan.
May takot, may pag-aalala, may pagkabagabag kang nadarama. Paulit-ulit mong tinatanong sa sarili..TAMA BA ITO TALAGA?

Ang magtiwala...ang MAGHUBAD sa katotohan na kung ano at sino ka?sa isang galing sa kawalan...
Ngunit ano ba talaga ang nais mong ma-punan, mula sa isang galing sa kawalan?
Pangangailangang sekswal ba? emosyunal kaya? o baka naman pinansya na kadahilanan.
Lahat ng ito ay karaniwang kadahilanan...Bakit patuloy kang naghahanap, ng pupuno sa mga sinasabi nating mga kakulangan. Alin man dito ang iyong kadahilanan,bakit ka sumusugal sa isang nagmula sa kawalan...
Dapat lang isa-alang alang ang katotohanan, na dahil sumugal ka, dalawang pangyayari lamang ang maari mong asahan....Manalo o matalo...sa sugal ng buhay at pakikipaglaban.
Sabi nga sa isang linya sa kantang "THE GAMBLER''...Every gambler knows, that the secret of survivin, is knowing what to throw away, knowing what to keep..Coz' every hands a winner, and every hands are loser....and the best that you could hope for is to die in your sleep.


Pass The Torch

Submitted by on September 19, 2014 (3 years ago)
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I've heard the phrase 'circle of life' many times over but never really understood until I saw the animated film, The Lion King (1994). 

The movie is about the father telling his young son how everything is connected and has its own purpose of existence. But more so, the wise king was teaching responsibilities to the future heir to his throne. A nice depiction of life through talking animals.

For me, one aspect of that phrase is about passing the torch. A term in sports and became a regular phrase which means to relinquish what you have to the next responsible person. 

Prime example of it is the strict education and observation of traditions to maintain the status quo in royal kingdoms like in the UK, Spain, Brunei and others. How about in Philippine business run by few families such as the Ayalas, Sys and Gokongweis to name a few? And who can forget political dynasties like the Angaras, Dys, Lobregats, Tanadas, Aquinos and so on. 

As regular parents we normally shield our child from life's challenges. But successful empires, dynasties and kingdoms like those mentioned above do it in a much different way. They train their heirs as early as possible. They are either clever, shrewed and/or responsible to pass the torch to the next generation. They make sure that the position of power and wealth will not slip from their hands from generation to generation.

In FSS, I urge our veteran writers to continue mentoring novice wr...

Routine --- the beginning

Submitted by on September 10, 2014 (3 years ago)
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12,775 days, 22 hours, 45 minutes and 14 secoonds...

Life became a predictable cycle. Though JC's life of a BPO professional might not be the same as a regular day personnel everything became like a routine, or so it seemed.
Gone were the days of hard core party life, band gigs and weekly rendevous with random girls for a night filled with ecstatic erotic encounters.
As he sat slumped infront of his PC on a hot, boring Saturday night checking his emails, bidding on eBay and reading about the latest news online, out of the blue he went to google and typed "pinoy sex stories"...
...... searching....
1,510,000 results...

And in one click he opened a window he once closed down to give way to the mature, responsible and respectable boss he had to be.
Staring at this adult, sex filled website, JC started to read through the stories. Curious about other people's sexual encounters, fantasies and realities. He found himself immersed and as if lost in time. Minutes turned to hours of reading stories about cheating wives, of friends and lovers to incest infatuations.

Why was he so intrigued? Why can't he stop reading? JC started feeling his old self come back to life even for a brief moment.

Then suddenly his phone rang...

It's the girl he's been seeing for the past 5 years. A beautiful, witty and down to Earth single mom who was part of the reason for JC's transformation to a...

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